Which is the best VPN for Netflix?

Thomas loves to watch a good movie on Netflix. Recently, he has been watching John Wick 3, Unlocked, and even The Old Guard on Netflix. But, he has also heard rumors about VPN services, and that they will be able to help him watch even more movies. In fact, he just found an article telling him that the movie Joker can be streamed on Netflix in Japan. Is that so? The article even told him that using a VPN, he could easily stream all the movies and TV shows on Japanese Netflix.

Thomas is quite stunned at the information in his possession, and he is wondering whether it is true or not. Luckily, the VPN recommended in the article about watching Joker on Netflix has a 30-day refund policy, meaning that he can give it a try and get his money back if it doesn’t work. But, will he really get his money back, or is it just a scam?

Thomas is looking for answers and based on his research, it does seem as if the VPN is real, it is good, and that they do keep their refund promise. So, he decides to give it a try, and a few minutes later, the popcorn and the chocolate is ready, a cup of coffee is sharing its beautiful odors, and Thomas is ready to watch Joker on Netflix. It wasn’t hard at all.

But, just to be sure that the content of the article was true, Thomas looked to Reddit and discovered an article in the BestVPNForNetflix community dealing with the actual VPN provider recommended in the article, SurfsharkVPN. There he got the confirmations he needed, and he dared to give it a try.

Now, unfortunately, Thomas is busy watching Joaquin Phoenix on Netflix, meaning that he doesn’t have time to write this article anymore.

What about the best VPN for Netflix?

Thomas almost forgot about the goal of the article. He doesn’t know whether there is such a thing as a best VPN for Netflix. But, his best recommendation is to visit the Reddit community referred to earlier, as that is a place where he has found lots of questions and answers himself.

But, you need to let go now, because the coffee is starting to get cold, and Thomas wants to watch Joker without being disturbed by this annoying article. Bye, bye!

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