Should Thomas use ExpressVPN or NordVPN?

Thomas is getting prepared for the annual Academy Awards, and what better way to prepare for the ceremony, than by streaming some great movies on Netflix. But, which VPN provider should Thomas use? Is ExpressVPN or NordVPN the best solution for him?

Should Thomas use ExpresVPN or NordVPN for NEtflix?

Thomas has read quite a lot of reviews about both the VPN providers, but he also knows that all those reviews are biased. How come? Most of the reviews are written with the goal of selling subscriptions to readers. In other words, they will not always reflect reality, but instead, they will reflect the goal of the author to earn a commission from the sales.

And what makes it harder is the fact that none of them deal purely with Netflix. So, what should Thomas do? All he wants to find out is whether or not NordVPN or ExpressVPN is the best solution for him.

What is Thomas looking for?

Thomas wants to spend money on a VPN provider that gives him access to as many Netflix regions as possible! But, he doesn’t want to spend more money than necessary!

That is it. He doesn’t care about privacy policies, and he doesn’t care about logging policies. So, which is the best VPN for him – is it NordVPN or is it ExpressVPN?

A video that helped Thomas a lot

Luckily, Thomas found a video on YouTube that helped him a lot. In the video, he got those simple answers he was looking for. But, it didn’t necessarily make his decision easier. How come?

  • He just discovered that ExpressVPN gives access to 3-4 extra countries.
  • He also discovered that NordVPN is quite a lot cheaper when purchasing a subscription for 12-months or more.

Right now, he is stuck. He is thinking! How much are those extra countries worth? Not enough! He has made his decision. And in fact, he is happy about it. Due to the 30-day refund policy of both the providers, he has decided to give NordVPN a happy try, and if he isn’t satisfied, he will ask for a refund and give ExpressVPN a try instead.

Click the link above to visit the NordVPN website as well.

After some days of streaming

Thomas is actually very happy about his Netflix streaming experience with NordVPN. It is really neat to use a VPN that works perfectly, and that totally eradicate the proxy and unblocker error message so many others complain about.

He thinks it could have been cool to access some other countries as well (like German and French Netflix), but he wouldn’t have the time to look through all the content available in all those countries anyway, so he has decided not to think more about it!

Thomas wants to watch Canadian Netflix in Europe

Thomas just saw an article telling about some awesome movies coming to Canadian Netflix in September. He wants to stream all of them, but is there a way to stream Canadian Netflix in Europe?

For a long time, Thomas thought all VPN providers are blocked by Netflix. As a result, anyone who tried to stream Netflix content using a VPN would get the proxy and unblocker error. But, he quickly understood that he was wrong, especially after he found a VPN provider that actually works with American Netflix. which again resulted in the proxy and unblocker error.

When Thomas looked for a way to watch American Netflix, he used the VPN services of ExpressVPN. But, as he connected to an ExpressVPN server in Canada to check if it works, he got the proxy and unblocker error message instead. Thomas was really annoyed and feared that he had to purchase another VPN subscription. He quickly searched for answers!

Thomas search for answers on how to stream Canadian Netflix in Europe

Thomas sits in front of his computer, quite amazed. He reads that the best VPN for Canadian Netflix is ExpressVPN. How is that possible? He just tried and he got the error message? After reading, even more, he discovers that ExpressVPN works very well with Canadian Netflix, but not all their servers. As he searches for Canada in the application, he gets a list of several servers, and he just connected to one random server.

Now, he understands that he might have been unlucky, as he connected to one that didn’t work. So, to check it out, he tries again, and this time he connects to an ExpressVPN server in Toronto. His pulse is getting higher as he clicks the button to watch The Ant-man and the Wasp on Netflix, and he rejoices (quietly) when the movie starts without any error message or other bugs showing up.

Canadian Netflix in Europe

Thomas is very happy again. Not only can he stream Canadian Netflix in Europe, but he can use the same subscription he used earlier to stream the content on American Netflix. Isn’t that a thrill?

Are you ready to watch Canadian Netflix in Europe?

Thomas is happy to say that this works well. Of course, it can also be used in Australia (Oceania), in Japan (Asia), in Cameroon (Africa), and in Argentina (South-America). It doesn’t seem to be a limit for this, because he has also discovered that ExpressVPN can be used to access UK Netflix, German Netflix, French Netflix, and even some more regions (including Australian Netflix).

Thomas is getting worried, though. Do you know why? He cannot watch a good movie on Netflix without chips and some cold drink. But, with all this new content available, it will be so much streaming taking place, that he will end up with a very big belly if he doesn’t watch out!