Which is the best VPN for Netflix?

Thomas loves to watch a good movie on Netflix. Recently, he has been watching John Wick 3, Unlocked, and even The Old Guard on Netflix. But, he has also heard rumors about VPN services, and that they will be able to help him watch even more movies. In fact, he just found an article telling him that the movie Joker can be streamed on Netflix in Japan. Is that so? The article even told him that using a VPN, he could easily stream all the movies and TV shows on Japanese Netflix.

Thomas is quite stunned at the information in his possession, and he is wondering whether it is true or not. Luckily, the VPN recommended in the article about watching Joker on Netflix has a 30-day refund policy, meaning that he can give it a try and get his money back if it doesn’t work. But, will he really get his money back, or is it just a scam?

Thomas is looking for answers and based on his research, it does seem as if the VPN is real, it is good, and that they do keep their refund promise. So, he decides to give it a try, and a few minutes later, the popcorn and the chocolate is ready, a cup of coffee is sharing its beautiful odors, and Thomas is ready to watch Joker on Netflix. It wasn’t hard at all.

But, just to be sure that the content of the article was true, Thomas looked to Reddit and discovered an article in the BestVPNForNetflix community dealing with the actual VPN provider recommended in the article, SurfsharkVPN. There he got the confirmations he needed, and he dared to give it a try.

Now, unfortunately, Thomas is busy watching Joaquin Phoenix on Netflix, meaning that he doesn’t have time to write this article anymore.

What about the best VPN for Netflix?

Thomas almost forgot about the goal of the article. He doesn’t know whether there is such a thing as a best VPN for Netflix. But, his best recommendation is to visit the Reddit community referred to earlier, as that is a place where he has found lots of questions and answers himself.

But, you need to let go now, because the coffee is starting to get cold, and Thomas wants to watch Joker without being disturbed by this annoying article. Bye, bye!

Should Thomas use ExpressVPN or NordVPN?

Thomas is getting prepared for the annual Academy Awards, and what better way to prepare for the ceremony, than by streaming some great movies on Netflix. But, which VPN provider should Thomas use? Is ExpressVPN or NordVPN the best solution for him?

Should Thomas use ExpresVPN or NordVPN for NEtflix?

Thomas has read quite a lot of reviews about both the VPN providers, but he also knows that all those reviews are biased. How come? Most of the reviews are written with the goal of selling subscriptions to readers. In other words, they will not always reflect reality, but instead, they will reflect the goal of the author to earn a commission from the sales.

And what makes it harder is the fact that none of them deal purely with Netflix. So, what should Thomas do? All he wants to find out is whether or not NordVPN or ExpressVPN is the best solution for him.

What is Thomas looking for?

Thomas wants to spend money on a VPN provider that gives him access to as many Netflix regions as possible! But, he doesn’t want to spend more money than necessary!

That is it. He doesn’t care about privacy policies, and he doesn’t care about logging policies. So, which is the best VPN for him – is it NordVPN or is it ExpressVPN?

A video that helped Thomas a lot

Luckily, Thomas found a video on YouTube that helped him a lot. In the video, he got those simple answers he was looking for. But, it didn’t necessarily make his decision easier. How come?

  • He just discovered that ExpressVPN gives access to 3-4 extra countries.
  • He also discovered that NordVPN is quite a lot cheaper when purchasing a subscription for 12-months or more.

Right now, he is stuck. He is thinking! How much are those extra countries worth? Not enough! He has made his decision. And in fact, he is happy about it. Due to the 30-day refund policy of both the providers, he has decided to give NordVPN a happy try, and if he isn’t satisfied, he will ask for a refund and give ExpressVPN a try instead.

Click the link above to visit the NordVPN website as well.

After some days of streaming

Thomas is actually very happy about his Netflix streaming experience with NordVPN. It is really neat to use a VPN that works perfectly, and that totally eradicate the proxy and unblocker error message so many others complain about.

He thinks it could have been cool to access some other countries as well (like German and French Netflix), but he wouldn’t have the time to look through all the content available in all those countries anyway, so he has decided not to think more about it!

Thomas wants to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup on the Internet. How can it be done?

Thomas isn’t much of a sports guy, but he likes cricket no matter what. So, what can he do? He just discovered that the Cricket World Cup will start in London on June 30th (that is in one week from now), and he is looking for a way to stream the event online. What can be done? Help!

Thomas is suffering from the fact that Europeans don’t really care about cricket. They will run crazy if Lionel Messi or Ronaldo walks down their street or if they see one of them at the airport. But, if they would walk the streets of Rome and meet up with Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, Pat Cummins and James Anderson, they would just keep walking and have no clue who they just ran into. How come? Cricket has no big status in the central parts of Europe, and thus, nobody really cares about the sport, and as a result, no broadcasting companies is paying for the rights to broadcast the cricket world cup in the larger parts of Europe.

But, what will Thomas do about this? He isn’t known to be a guy giving up, and that is why he has searched up and down using Presearch and Ecosia, and luckily, he found some instructions that proved to be very useful on the topic.

This is how Thomas will watch the Cricket World Cup

Thomas is sad that he cannot watch it on his normal TV, but at least he can watch the cricket world cup on his tablet and at his computer. He found the solution to be Hotstar in Canada, and even though Thomas is in Europe, he has found a way to bypass regulations and to stream Hotstar Canada in Europe. The video gave him all the help he needed, and the general idea was given as he read an article in the IP Address Guide on how to watch the cricket world cup online.

One thing is sure – Thomas is rather paying some dollars to watch the matches on real TV channels, instead of hoping to find a live stream somewhere online, only to be attacked by spam, pop-ups, and later discover that spyware and malware have been added to his computer from those lame sites. As a result, Thomas gladly paid some money for his Hotstar Canada subscription and now he is ready to watch the Cricket World Cup online!

With less than one week left for the tournament, Thomas is now ready to stream every single match, including the opening match between England and South Africa.

Now the only thing Thomas needs is some chocolate, some chips, and someone to watch the matches together with!

Thomas wants to stream 9Now abroad!

Thomas wants to stream the latest episode of Doctor Doctor on 9Now while in Austria. But, he gets an error message? What can Thomas do to watch 9Now from abroad?

Thomas likes sitting with his laptop on his lap (isn’t that why they call it a laptop?) to watch TV series and live streams of all his favorite sports. One of his favorite shows is Doctor Doctor, and he normally streams this show on the 9Now website. The only problem is that he can only stream it when in Australia, as whenever he tries to stream 9Now outside Australia, he gets the following error message.

Sorry, 9Now is only available in Australia
Sorry, 9Now is only available in Australia

This frustrates him, and he wants to find a way in which he can stream 9Now, also when outside Australia. So, what can he do? There are lots of other 9Now shows he might be interested in streaming as well, but neither of them can be streamed as long as he doesn’t find a solution.

Thomas looks for a way to stream 9Now abroad

Thomas has been reading articles here and there, and the most common solution described is using a so-called VPN service. Thomas has a VPN subscription to the VPN provider HideMyAss, so he gives it a try, but it doesn’t work. Even though he gets an actual Australia IP address by connecting to a server in Australia, he still sees the same error message.

But, he has read on another site that this is quite common and that most VPN providers are blocked by 9Now. There is, however, an exception, and that is the VPN provider ExpressVPN.

He is a bit anxious about spending money on yet another VPN subscription, but since they have a 30-day full refund policy, he decides to give it a try anyway.

Thomas tries another VPN service.

Thomas visits the ExpressVPN website, signs up for their services, and downloads their VPN application to his computer.

Thomas uses a VPN to watch 9Now outside Australia
Thomas uses the VPN services of ExpressVPN to watch 9Now from abroad

Thomas signs up for 12 months as it gives the best value for his money (and he can still cancel within 30-days and get all his money back).
Thomas signs up for 12 months as it gives the best value for his money (and he can still cancel within 30-days and get all his money back).

He signs up for the 12-month package (and he gets 3 more months as a bonus for free). This is a great deal, and if it actually works, he will be happy he signed up for this package. If it doesn’t work, he will simply ask for a full refund.

He opens the ExpressVPN application and decides to connect to a server in Syndey, Australia.

Thomas connects to a server in Australia
Thomas connects to a server in Australia

Once the connection has been made, he restarts his browser, and he visits the 9Now website again. He is a bit nervous, hoping that it will actually work, but at the same time fearing that it won’t.

He visits the 9Now website, selects the most recent episode of Doctor Doctor and clicks his mouse. He waits for a few seconds, and suddenly a commercial shows up, and a few seconds later, the show starts. It worked! Thomas is happy, and he runs to grab some popcorn before continuing to stream his favorite 9Now show abroad.

Thomas is watching Doctor Doctor on 9Now outside Australia
Thomas is watching Doctor Doctor on 9Now outside Australia

Can you imagine how happy Thomas is that this worked? Due to his enthusiasm, Thomas also installed the ExpressVPN application on his Android phone to see if it worked there as well. And yes, it did! He had to download the 9Now application (.apk-file) manually, but once that was done, it all worked smoothly.

To make it even better, Thomas tried to watch Tenplay (another Australian channel with great TV shows online) using the same connection, and he couldn’t hold back his smile as this worked as well.

Hopefully, the example of Thomas will help you stream 9Now outside Australia as well. Should you have comments or questions, write them down and Thomas will do his best to help!

Thomas wants to watch Hulu abroad

Thomas has a valid Hulu subscription, but he cannot watch it during his summer holiday in France. Now he looks for a way to watch Hulu overseas.

Thomas has spent his last days in Nice in France. He has been swimming in the sea, eating delicious food, and spent some hours shopping. He is incredibly tired, but suddenly it comes to his mind, that a new episode of The Handmaid’s Tale has been released on Hulu. He opens up his laptop, connects to the WiFi connection available in the hotel, and visits hulu.com.

Can I watch Hulu abroad?
Thomas is ready to watch The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu

He is ready to stream, and he presses the play button. He waits for a few seconds, but after the waiting is over he doesn’t see Offred and Commander Waterford, but this stupid message.

hulu overseas
Thomas is unable to watch Hulu in Europe – what’s wrong?

Thomas was really hyped up about the new episode, and now he is sad and sorry. He isn’t the kind of guy who takes a no for an answer, so he starts looking for a solution. Is there a way in which Thomas can make the Hulu website believe that he is located in the USA?

Thomas cracks the Hulu from abroad code

Thomas has heard about VPN providers and IP addresses before, and at first he thought getting an American IP address would solve all his trouble. After all, if Hulu finds out that Thomas has an IP address in the United States, then it should work, shouldn’t it? Well, it doesn’t! He reads about how lots of VPN providers are blocked by Hulu, and only a few are still working. But, which are the ones working?

Thomas has looked around here and thre, and in the end he finds an article which says that ExpressVPN is a VPN provider that has been working constantly for the last years with Hulu. Thomas decides to give it a try. He visits the ExpressVPN website, signs up and downloads the ExpressVPN application. He is very relieved to see that they have a 30-day full refund policy, as he can ask for his money back if it doesn’t work.

The entire process only took a few minutes, and now Thomas connects to a server in the USA with ExpressVPN. He decides to restart his browser after making the VPN connection, and now he visits hulu.com again. He is nervous, because he really wants it to work. But, he has heard of scams and companies trying to steal his money, so he is not entirely sure about whether or not he can trust ExpressVPN.

Thomas tries to watch Hulu again

Will it work this time? Thomas gets to the site for The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, and he presses the play button. He waits for a few seconds (it seems like forever), and the something happens. What happened? Take a look beneath!

The Handmaids tale on Hulu
It worked – Thomas can watch Hulu again, even though he is abroad.

Thomas is happy, and he is to busy watching the episode, so he doesn’t have much time to complete this article. But, he hopes the way he solved this problem will help you solve the same problem as well, no matter where you might be in the world.