Thomast wants to chop garlic and onion with the electric garlic chopper from TEMU… how does he feel after trying it a couple of times?

chopper from temu

Thomas likes to work in the kitchen. He likes the smell of pizza and pasta, a delicious and tasty stew, and the smell of fresh bread. As he visited the TEMU website, an electric garlic and onion chopper showed up costing about €4, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to buy the tool. After a few weeks, the product arrived and Thomas was looking very much forward to trying it. A few days later, the product is no longer in the kitchen, but in the garbage can.

Thomas decided to do something else with the electric cutter from TEMU. It is easy to cut garlic and onions, so he decided to try to cut some salad first. To his big surprise, the salad leaves didn’t fit into the chopper, because they were too big. He then cut them into smaller pieces and only added a tiny portion to the cutter.

Electric chopers from TEMU...
Electric chopers from TEMU…

He placed the cup on the table, added the salad, but then he realized that it is impossible to add the cutting blades to the cup with the salad inside. So, he then removed the salad and added the cutting blades. But, then it became even harder to add the salad to the electric cutter, so he removed even more of the salad and added it to the machine. Well, somehow it wasn’t able to normally cut the lettuce so Thomas gave up.

It was time to try with some cucumbers instead. He sliced it into small pieces and threw it into the cup (with the cutting blades inside). Unfortunately, the cutting blades aren’t very stable, so it fell out of its place a couple of times before it was a success.

In the end, the cucumber turned into some messy cucumber stew which might be ideal for a few things, but not for a salad or something that is supposed to look nice.

Thomas… you are stupid! This is a garlic and onion chopper!

You are right about that, and Thomas is kind of stupid. Because, if you add a small portion of garlic to this machine, it will actually get the job done. But, then you need to clean it up and fix the blades and so on afterward. It takes way more time than using other garlic choppers Thomas already has at home (or that he can buy from TEMU). So, if this product only works with garlic or extremely tiny amount of paprica, cucumber, or similar stuff, Thomas isn’t really interested.

Once again, if you only want to chop very little garlic or onion, the 250ml product is enough. But, if the amount exceeds 1 large onion, then it will be too little, and it will take much time and energy and make your blood pressure go high before you are finished.

Thomas decided that this tool only takes up space in his kitchen so he actually threw it away. He feels sorry that he spent money on the product and that he polluted the earth by ordering plastic from China that was transported by plane to Europe (polluting even more), only for the product to end up in the garbage.

Thomas tests the “Console Back Buttons for PS4 controllers” from TEMU.

back button controller ps4 temu

Thomas is a gamer. He loves to play. In fact, he can get quite addicted and forget about all the other necessary and important tasks he needs to get done as he sits down in front of his computer or with his Playstation. He loves playing strategy games, but he is also a big fan of games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant, and many others.

Thomas had a dream of buying an expensive SCUF controller, but since he couldn’t really afford one, he decided to buy a cheap addition from TEMU instead… so-called “back buttons for PS4 controllers.” What’s the thing with those? You don’t need to buy a brand new controller costing more than €150, but instead, you can use your existing controller and spend €10 to buy some additional back buttons.

back buttons for ps4 controller

Thomas placed his order and waited for the package to be sent. Earlier, it had often taken months for packages to arrive after he ordered them from China, but TEMU promised that it should arrive much faster. Thomas had a hard time believing it, but in approximately 2 weeks the order arrived and Thomas was ready to give it a try.

back buttons instructions

It was extremely easy to attach the back buttons to the controller and everything worked perfectly from the first second. Thomas launched Fornite and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, he had to update the game, so it took him more than an hour to get ready, but once the game started, he configured the back buttons and gave it a try. It took a while for him to find the best possible combinations in which he could take advantage of the additional buttons, but after some hours of testing, he had already gotten used to the new buttons.

Now Thomas has forgotten about the expensive SCUF controller (luckily), and he is more than happy with the €10 back buttons he ordered from TEMU.

Thomas has noticed that there are lots of poor products on TEMU, but this isn’t one of them. He is very satisfied, and this is a product he can easily recommend to others as well!

Thomas eats delightful dishes at the Christmas market in Prague.

Thomas had always been captivated by the magic of Christmas. The twinkling lights, the festive melodies, and the heartwarming scents that filled the air during this time of the year never failed to put a smile on his face. But more than anything, it was the promise of delightful meals at the Christmas market in Prague that excited him the most.

From the moment he arrived in the enchanting city, Thomas was determined to explore and savor every culinary delight that the market had to offer. The aroma of sizzling sausages and roasting chestnuts drew him in like a magnet, leading him through the maze of stalls adorned with garlands and ornaments.

He started his culinary journey by tasting the traditional Trdelník, a sweet pastry made from rolled dough, grilled over an open flame, and coated with cinnamon sugar. The warm, sugary treat was a perfect way to begin his adventure through the market. With each bite, he felt the holiday spirit infusing his soul.

Next on his list was the famed Czech Goulash served in a bread bowl. The rich, hearty stew warmed his stomach and his heart as he marveled at the historic beauty of the market surroundings. The combination of the flavorful goulash and the chilly evening air made the experience even more memorable.

As he meandered through the market’s colorful alleys, he stumbled upon a stall selling traditional mulled wine. The sweet scent of spices and wine enveloped him, enticing him to sample a cup. Sipping the warm, spiced beverage, Thomas watched the world go by, feeling content and at peace.

But the true highlight of his culinary exploration was discovering a stall offering a variety of Czech street foods. He indulged in smažený sýr (fried cheese) served with tartar sauce, and langos, a deep-fried bread typically topped with garlic, cheese, or other savory ingredients. These unique and flavorful dishes left him in awe of the diverse and delicious offerings the market had.

sausage at christmas market in prague

By the time he finished his culinary journey, Thomas was not just full from the scrumptious food but also filled with an overwhelming sense of joy. He was grateful for the opportunity to experience the warmth and festivity of the Prague Christmas market, and the delightful meals had made the experience even more magical.

As he made his way back through the market’s glow, carrying the lingering taste of the festive treats on his lips, Thomas knew that the memories of this culinary exploration in Prague would forever remain a cherished part of his holiday traditions.

What is a Spot ETF? Bitcoin Spot ETF?

An ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) is a type of investment fund that is traded on stock exchanges, similar to individual stocks. It’s designed to track the performance of a particular asset or group of assets, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, or a combination thereof.

A “spot ETF” typically refers to an ETF that aims to replicate the performance of an underlying asset in real-time. It aims to reflect the current price or value of the assets it tracks. These types of ETFs are designed to closely mirror the movements of their underlying assets, and their prices are usually updated continuously throughout the trading day as the value of the assets changes.

For instance, a spot ETF that tracks the S&P 500 index would ideally move in sync with the S&P 500’s movements throughout the trading day. This is different from some other ETFs that might not track the live market prices of their underlying assets as frequently.

ETFs, including spot ETFs, offer investors diversification, liquidity, and often lower fees compared to traditional mutual funds. They provide an opportunity to invest in a wide range of assets without needing to buy individual securities directly.

Thomas travels from Dublin Airport to the Samuel Beckett Bridge with his annoying sister.

Thomas stood at Dublin Airport, a teenage boy with a mission. He needed to find the best way to get to the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin with his younger sister in tow. The problem was, they had a lot of luggage, and his sister was incredibly annoying. She sat on her phone all the time, and worse yet, had a short bladder. He was in for a long day.

He weighed his options. He could take a taxi, but he knew that would be expensive, and the traffic in Dublin could be brutal. The bus was an option, but that would be crowded, and he didn’t relish the idea of dragging his sister and their luggage through a packed bus. The train was also an option, but they would have to change trains, and the timing might be tight.

In the end, he decided to take the airport shuttle bus. It was the cheapest option, and it stopped near the Samuel Beckett Bridge. The downside was that the shuttle was often crowded, and he would have to carry all of their luggage on and off the bus. And there was the issue of his sister’s bladder.

dublin travel

As they got on the shuttle, Thomas’s sister immediately plugged in her headphones and started playing music. Thomas rolled his eyes and settled in for the ride. The shuttle was crowded, and they had to stand for most of the journey, holding onto their suitcases as the bus lurched through the traffic.

Every 30th minute, his sister would tap him on the shoulder and whisper that she needed to go to the toilet. Thomas gritted his teeth and tried to keep his cool. He knew his sister couldn’t help it, but it was still annoying.

Finally, they arrived at their stop. Thomas hauled their suitcases off the bus and led his sister towards the Samuel Beckett Bridge. She was still lost in her music, but Thomas could see her tapping her foot to the beat.

They made it to the bridge without any further incidents, and Thomas breathed a sigh of relief. They had made it, and he was proud of himself for finding the best way to get there. He even managed to tolerate his sister’s annoying behavior.

As they crossed the bridge, Thomas took a moment to enjoy the view of the River Liffey. It was a beautiful day in Dublin, and he was glad he had managed to get them there safely. He smiled to himself and thought, maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad after all.

How to buy a ticket for a Manchester City match? Thomas goes to the Etihad Stadium.

Thomas had always been a huge fan of Manchester City Football Club. He followed every match, knew all the players by heart, and had a deep passion for the game. He had always dreamt of watching his beloved team play at their home ground, the Etihad Stadium. However, he had never bought a ticket for a match before, and he had no idea how to go about it.

One day, Thomas decided it was time to fulfill his dream. He got up early, dressed in his Manchester City jersey, and headed to the Etihad Stadium. As he approached the stadium, he could feel the excitement building inside him. He could hear the cheers of the fans and the sound of the ball being kicked around.

watch manchester city play football

Thomas walked up to the ticket booth and looked at the long queue of fans waiting to buy their tickets. He didn’t know where to begin, and he felt lost. He decided to ask the person in front of him for some help.

“Excuse me, do you know how to buy a ticket for the match?” Thomas asked the person in front of him.

The person turned around and smiled. “Sure, it’s simple. Just tell the person at the ticket booth which match you want to watch, and they will give you the options for the available seats. Then you can choose the one you want and pay for it.”

Thomas thanked the person and felt relieved that it was that simple. When he got to the ticket booth, he nervously told the ticket seller that he wanted to buy a ticket for the next Manchester City match. The ticket seller smiled and asked him which section of the stadium he preferred.

Thomas had no idea, so the ticket seller explained the different sections and their prices. Thomas chose the section he could afford and paid for the ticket. The ticket seller then handed him a small piece of paper, and Thomas realized that he was holding his very first match ticket.

As he walked away from the ticket booth, Thomas felt elated. He was going to watch his favorite team play at the Etihad Stadium. He couldn’t wait to share the experience with his friends and family.

On match day, Thomas arrived early at the stadium, wearing his Manchester City jersey, scarf, and hat. The stadium was bustling with fans, and the excitement was palpable. As he took his seat, Thomas could feel his heart racing with anticipation. He looked around and saw thousands of fans, all wearing the team’s colors, singing and cheering for their favorite players.

As the match started, Thomas felt like he was in a dream. He watched in awe as his favorite players ran around the field, scoring goals and making incredible passes. The atmosphere was electric, and the fans were united in their love for the game and their team.

After the match, as he walked out of the stadium, Thomas knew that he had experienced something special. He had fulfilled his dream of watching his beloved team play at the Etihad Stadium, and he had done it all by himself. He felt a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that he had taken the first step towards becoming a true fan. From that day on, he knew that he would always support Manchester City, and he would never forget the incredible feeling of being part of something so special.

What about online tickets?

Thomas sat in front of his computer, eagerly typing in the website address to buy a ticket for the next Manchester City match. He had decided to buy his ticket online this time, as he had heard that it was easier and more convenient.

He navigated to the Manchester City website and found the page for ticket sales. He saw that there were several options for the upcoming match, including different seat sections and prices. He selected the section that he wanted and clicked the “buy now” button.

The website prompted him to create an account and enter his personal information. Thomas filled in the required fields and clicked “submit.” He was then directed to a page to enter his payment information, and he chose to pay with his credit card.

After he completed the payment process, a confirmation page appeared on his screen, showing his seat number and other details of the ticket. Thomas couldn’t believe how easy it was to buy a ticket online, and he felt relieved that he wouldn’t have to wait in long queues at the stadium.

On the day of the match, Thomas arrived at the Etihad Stadium with his printed ticket in hand. He was amazed by the atmosphere of the stadium, with the chants and cheers of the fans filling the air. As he took his seat, he felt a sense of excitement and anticipation.

The match was incredible, with Manchester City dominating their opponents and scoring several goals. Thomas cheered and sang along with the other fans, feeling a sense of camaraderie and connection with them. When the match ended, he left the stadium with a smile on his face, feeling grateful for the opportunity to watch his favorite team play.

From that day on, Thomas continued to buy his tickets online, enjoying the convenience and ease of the process. He knew that he could always count on the Manchester City website to provide him with a simple and hassle-free way to support his team.

How to make Paste de Nata? Thomas wants to make the fantastic sweet from Portugal at home!

Thomas was a food lover who had always been fascinated by the delicious pastel de nata, the famous Portuguese egg tart. He had tasted it on a trip to Lisbon and had fallen in love with its crispy crust and creamy custard filling since he tasted it at a Christmas market in town. Since then, he had been dreaming of recreating it at home.

One day, he decided to take on the challenge and started researching recipes and techniques to make the perfect pastel de nata. He read countless articles, watched videos, and even took a class to learn the art of making these tarts.

He began by making the crust from scratch, using a combination of flour, butter, and water. He kneaded the dough until it was smooth and elastic, then let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour.

Next, he made the custard filling, whisking together eggs, sugar, milk, cream, and vanilla extract. He heated the mixture on low heat, constantly stirring, until it thickened into a smooth custard.

thomas creates pastel de nata at home

He then took the chilled dough out of the refrigerator and rolled it out into a thin sheet. He cut the dough into small circles and carefully placed them into the tart molds. He then poured the custard filling into each mold, filling them up to three-quarters full.

He preheated the oven and placed the tarts inside, watching them closely as they baked to perfection. When they were done, he took them out of the oven and let them cool for a few minutes.

Finally, he dusted the tarts with a sprinkle of cinnamon and served them warm. As he took his first bite, he could feel the crispy, buttery crust crumbling in his mouth, and the creamy custard filling melting on his tongue. It was even better than he had remembered it.

Thomas had finally accomplished his dream of making the perfect pastel de nata at home. He felt proud of his achievement and couldn’t wait to share his delicious creation with his family and friends. From that day on, he became known as the “pastel de nata master” among his loved ones, and his tarts became a staple dessert at every dinner party he hosted.

How to make scrambled eggs? Thomas feels hungry!

Thomas woke up early on a sunny Saturday morning feeling excited. He had been dreaming about the perfect scrambled eggs for a week and he decided today was the day he was going to make them. He had read countless articles, watched many cooking shows, and even took a cooking class to learn how to make fantastic scrambled eggs.

As he walked into the kitchen, he started to gather all the ingredients he needed. He took out the eggs, butter, salt, pepper, and a splash of milk. He was feeling confident and ready to begin the cooking process.

thomas makes scrambled eggs

He cracked the eggs into a bowl, added the milk, salt, and pepper, and whisked the mixture together. Then he added a knob of butter to the frying pan and let it melt over medium heat.

As he poured the egg mixture into the pan, he could hear the sizzling sound of the butter and smell the delicious aroma of the eggs. He started to stir the eggs slowly with a spatula, being careful not to overcook them.

He continued to stir the eggs until they started to thicken and form curds. He then turned the heat off and let the residual heat finish cooking the eggs to perfection.

He placed the scrambled eggs onto a plate and garnished them with some fresh herbs. As he took his first bite, he knew he had achieved his goal. The eggs were light, fluffy, and full of flavor. He felt proud of himself and couldn’t wait to share his creation with his family.

From that day on, Thomas became known as the scrambled egg king. He experimented with different variations and added ingredients like cheese, vegetables, and bacon to create his own signature recipes.

Thomas learned that making fantastic scrambled eggs wasn’t just about following a recipe, but it was about adding his own personal touch and creativity to create something special.

After such a success in the kitchen, he felt ready to take on another challenge. Last year he visited the Christmas markets in Lisbon and tasted the fantastic Pastel de Nata, one of the most famous sweets in Portugal. That felt much harder than making scrambled eggs, but Thomas felt ready for a challenge. Do you want to know how it went? Follow The Thomas Stories to find out!

Thomas wants to become a better football player.

Football, also known as soccer in some parts of the world, is a sport that requires both physical and mental prowess. While the game is played with a team, individual skills and techniques are equally important to master. Thomas is one such football enthusiast who wishes to improve his skills in football tricks on the field.

Thomas understands that football is not just about kicking the ball into the net; it is about how the game is played. Football tricks add style, creativity, and entertainment value to the game. Thomas is eager to learn various tricks that he can perform on the field to impress his teammates and coaches.

The first step to getting better at football tricks is to watch and learn from the professionals. Thomas spends a considerable amount of time watching football matches, analyzing the techniques of his favorite players, and observing their movements. He tries to imitate their tricks, and with practice, he becomes better at them.

Thomas also understands that it is not just about copying the professionals; he needs to develop his own style. He experiments with different tricks and develops his unique style that makes him stand out from the rest. He tries to combine different tricks and come up with new ones that are challenging and entertaining.

To improve his skills, Thomas practices regularly. He dedicates a significant amount of time to practicing his tricks, working on his weaknesses, and fine-tuning his movements. He practices with the ball alone, with a partner, or in a group, and he incorporates different drills that focus on his speed, agility, and coordination.

thomas plays football

Thomas also understands the importance of fitness in football. To be able to perform tricks, he needs to have a healthy body and mind. He focuses on his diet, sleep, and exercise routine, and he works on building his strength and endurance.

In addition to practicing and fitness, Thomas seeks feedback from his coaches and peers. He listens to their suggestions and implements them in his practice sessions. He also watches videos of his performances to identify areas of improvement and make necessary adjustments.

Finally, Thomas enjoys playing the game. He does not get discouraged by failure or mistakes; instead, he takes them as learning opportunities. He is always eager to try new tricks and experiment with different techniques, and he knows that with practice and determination, he can become a master of football tricks.

In conclusion, getting better at football tricks requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for the game. Thomas understands this and is willing to put in the effort required to improve his skills. By watching, learning, practicing, seeking feedback, and enjoying the game, Thomas is well on his way to becoming a skilled football player who can perform impressive tricks on the field.