Which is the best VPN for Netflix?

Thomas loves to watch a good movie on Netflix. Recently, he has been watching John Wick 3, Unlocked, and even The Old Guard on Netflix. But, he has also heard rumors about VPN services, and that they will be able to help him watch even more movies. In fact, he just found an article telling him that the movie Joker can be streamed on Netflix in Japan. Is that so? The article even told him that using a VPN, he could easily stream all the movies and TV shows on Japanese Netflix.

Thomas is quite stunned at the information in his possession, and he is wondering whether it is true or not. Luckily, the VPN recommended in the article about watching Joker on Netflix has a 30-day refund policy, meaning that he can give it a try and get his money back if it doesn’t work. But, will he really get his money back, or is it just a scam?

Thomas is looking for answers and based on his research, it does seem as if the VPN is real, it is good, and that they do keep their refund promise. So, he decides to give it a try, and a few minutes later, the popcorn and the chocolate is ready, a cup of coffee is sharing its beautiful odors, and Thomas is ready to watch Joker on Netflix. It wasn’t hard at all.

But, just to be sure that the content of the article was true, Thomas looked to Reddit and discovered an article in the BestVPNForNetflix community dealing with the actual VPN provider recommended in the article, SurfsharkVPN. There he got the confirmations he needed, and he dared to give it a try.

Now, unfortunately, Thomas is busy watching Joaquin Phoenix on Netflix, meaning that he doesn’t have time to write this article anymore.

What about the best VPN for Netflix?

Thomas almost forgot about the goal of the article. He doesn’t know whether there is such a thing as a best VPN for Netflix. But, his best recommendation is to visit the Reddit community referred to earlier, as that is a place where he has found lots of questions and answers himself.

But, you need to let go now, because the coffee is starting to get cold, and Thomas wants to watch Joker without being disturbed by this annoying article. Bye, bye!

Should Thomas use ExpressVPN or NordVPN?

Thomas is getting prepared for the annual Academy Awards, and what better way to prepare for the ceremony, than by streaming some great movies on Netflix. But, which VPN provider should Thomas use? Is ExpressVPN or NordVPN the best solution for him?

Should Thomas use ExpresVPN or NordVPN for NEtflix?

Thomas has read quite a lot of reviews about both the VPN providers, but he also knows that all those reviews are biased. How come? Most of the reviews are written with the goal of selling subscriptions to readers. In other words, they will not always reflect reality, but instead, they will reflect the goal of the author to earn a commission from the sales.

And what makes it harder is the fact that none of them deal purely with Netflix. So, what should Thomas do? All he wants to find out is whether or not NordVPN or ExpressVPN is the best solution for him.

What is Thomas looking for?

Thomas wants to spend money on a VPN provider that gives him access to as many Netflix regions as possible! But, he doesn’t want to spend more money than necessary!

That is it. He doesn’t care about privacy policies, and he doesn’t care about logging policies. So, which is the best VPN for him – is it NordVPN or is it ExpressVPN?

A video that helped Thomas a lot

Luckily, Thomas found a video on YouTube that helped him a lot. In the video, he got those simple answers he was looking for. But, it didn’t necessarily make his decision easier. How come?

  • He just discovered that ExpressVPN gives access to 3-4 extra countries.
  • He also discovered that NordVPN is quite a lot cheaper when purchasing a subscription for 12-months or more.

Right now, he is stuck. He is thinking! How much are those extra countries worth? Not enough! He has made his decision. And in fact, he is happy about it. Due to the 30-day refund policy of both the providers, he has decided to give NordVPN a happy try, and if he isn’t satisfied, he will ask for a refund and give ExpressVPN a try instead.

Click the link above to visit the NordVPN website as well.

After some days of streaming

Thomas is actually very happy about his Netflix streaming experience with NordVPN. It is really neat to use a VPN that works perfectly, and that totally eradicate the proxy and unblocker error message so many others complain about.

He thinks it could have been cool to access some other countries as well (like German and French Netflix), but he wouldn’t have the time to look through all the content available in all those countries anyway, so he has decided not to think more about it!

How to install an application on an Android device without Google Play Store?

Thomas wants to install an application on his Android device, but he cannot find it in the Google Play Store. However, he knows that the application exists, and thus, he wants to find a way to install the program without having to find it in the Google Play Store. How can it be done?

Certain programs cannot be found in the Google Play Store. Other programs are licensed and allowed to be in the Google Play Store, but they cannot be downloaded from everywhere. For example, lots of TV networks have their applications hidden in other countries as a part of their geo-block. This is true about the ITV Hub application (used to watch ITV in the UK), it is true about the 9Now application in Australia and lots of other similar application.

Thomas is quite angry with this, and he wonders what he can do to fix the problem. How can he download and install a program he cannot even find in the Google Play Store?

Download Android apps without Google Play Store
How to install an Android program that cannot be found in Google Play Store?

Thomas discovers a way to download and install Android applications without using Google Play Store

Before you continue, Thomas wants to warn you. Downloading applications from so-called unknown sources can be dangerous, so make sure to download applications you know from sites you trust. Anything else can risk your Android device and your safety and privacy.

Thomas has found a site he likes a lot. It is called apkpure.com and here he can download so-called .APK files. APK is an abbreviation for Android Package, and here you can find packages/programs for Android. There are lots of similar APK sites out there, but this seems to be the one with the least pop-ups and the easiest process of downloading content.

There he searches for the applications he wants to download, and he can easily download them by a few clicks at his screen.

Do you trust this source?

After Thomas had downloaded the first application, he gets a bit scared. The telephone asks him if he wants to install this program? It comes from an unknown source and it can be dangerous. In fact, he has to change some settings on his phone (in the developer settings) for it to work. Luckily, he trusts the site, so he changes the settings and installs the program.

But, where did the program go? After installing it, he cannot see an icon for the new program on his desktop. What happened? Well, when you install programs like this, they normally end up at the list of applications, but it isn’t automatically added to the desktop of the device. To find the app easier later, Thomas quickly drags it to his desktop as well.

Now he can run the application, and he has found a method he will use many times in the future as well to install Android programs on his device without using Google Play Store.

Has Thomas helped you with his instructions? He has helped himself and he feels very happy about it. Should you have any questions for Thomas, write a comment and let him hear what is on your heart!

Thomas wants to watch Canadian Netflix in Europe

Thomas just saw an article telling about some awesome movies coming to Canadian Netflix in September. He wants to stream all of them, but is there a way to stream Canadian Netflix in Europe?

For a long time, Thomas thought all VPN providers are blocked by Netflix. As a result, anyone who tried to stream Netflix content using a VPN would get the proxy and unblocker error. But, he quickly understood that he was wrong, especially after he found a VPN provider that actually works with American Netflix. which again resulted in the proxy and unblocker error.

When Thomas looked for a way to watch American Netflix, he used the VPN services of ExpressVPN. But, as he connected to an ExpressVPN server in Canada to check if it works, he got the proxy and unblocker error message instead. Thomas was really annoyed and feared that he had to purchase another VPN subscription. He quickly searched for answers!

Thomas search for answers on how to stream Canadian Netflix in Europe

Thomas sits in front of his computer, quite amazed. He reads that the best VPN for Canadian Netflix is ExpressVPN. How is that possible? He just tried and he got the error message? After reading, even more, he discovers that ExpressVPN works very well with Canadian Netflix, but not all their servers. As he searches for Canada in the application, he gets a list of several servers, and he just connected to one random server.

Now, he understands that he might have been unlucky, as he connected to one that didn’t work. So, to check it out, he tries again, and this time he connects to an ExpressVPN server in Toronto. His pulse is getting higher as he clicks the button to watch The Ant-man and the Wasp on Netflix, and he rejoices (quietly) when the movie starts without any error message or other bugs showing up.

Canadian Netflix in Europe

Thomas is very happy again. Not only can he stream Canadian Netflix in Europe, but he can use the same subscription he used earlier to stream the content on American Netflix. Isn’t that a thrill?

Are you ready to watch Canadian Netflix in Europe?

Thomas is happy to say that this works well. Of course, it can also be used in Australia (Oceania), in Japan (Asia), in Cameroon (Africa), and in Argentina (South-America). It doesn’t seem to be a limit for this, because he has also discovered that ExpressVPN can be used to access UK Netflix, German Netflix, French Netflix, and even some more regions (including Australian Netflix).

Thomas is getting worried, though. Do you know why? He cannot watch a good movie on Netflix without chips and some cold drink. But, with all this new content available, it will be so much streaming taking place, that he will end up with a very big belly if he doesn’t watch out!

Are the Decathlon Subea Easybreath masks for diving?

Have you seen a commercial for the fantastic Easybreath swimming masks from Decathlon? Thomas has, and he was extremely impressed. Right now he is considered buying one for himself, but there is one slight problem… is the Subea Easybreath mask only for snorkeling on the surface of the ocean, or can it be used for diving as well?

The Subea Easybreath mask from Decathlon - can it be used for diving as well?
The Subea Easybreath mask from Decathlon – can it be used for diving as well?

The thing is, Thomas enjoys looking down at fishes and beautiful colors under the water. But, Thomas also likes swimming down to the bottom to pick up all sorts of shells and other nice things he discovers there. If it is 50cm to the bottom or maybe 150cm doesn’t matter, the thing still remains the same – he wants to dive as well, not only swim on the surface.

He knows snorkeling works fine in general, also when diving. But, it sounds incredibly nice with the Subea Easybreath mask which keeps the water from actually entering the pipe (snorkel) itself, and thus, it becomes much easier to use, and especially for kids and so on.

But – then he checked out the Subea Easybreath mask in the shop, and at the front glass, it says not for diving. So, what is the truth? Is this just a warning, just like you see warnings about the hot coffee in McDonald’s being hot? Or is there more to the warning?

What’s the truth? Can the Easybreath mask from Decathlon be used for diving?

First of all, Thomas has tried the mask himself, and he has also checked out a lot of reviews of the mask. The experience of Thomas aligns very well with the general reputation of the Easybreath mask, and that is – you can dive with the mask, but you will get a big pressure on your face, which is really uncomfortable, already by swimming a few centimeters beneath the surface with the mask.

As a result, the Easybreath mask isn’t made for diving, and it doesn’t work well for diving. It is amazing for swimming along the surface looking down, but it will not work well for those who actually want to swim down to the bottom as well.

Make up your own mind. After trying the Subea Easybreath mask, Thomas has decided not to keep a mask for himself. He bought one, tried one, but this was not what he was looking for. It is for sure cool if you live in a totally clean sea with lots of colorful fishes swimming beneath, but if it is a bit tougher atmosphere where you plan on swimming and if you want to actually do more than just swimming on the surface, this might not be the ideal solution for you!

Have you tried the Subea Easybreath mask from Decathlon? Thomas would love to hear your thoughts about the mask!

Can I use Presearch and Ecosia at the same time?

Thomas wants to earn money while using Ecosia, but he has a hard time finding out how it can be done. Is it possible? Does he have to choose between Presearch and Ecosia, or is there a way to plant trees and to earn PRE tokens at the same time?

Maybe you have the same question, and you will be happy to realize that there is a way Thomas has discovered in which you can combine both activities. It might sound hard, but it is really easy.

This is what you need to do to combine Presearch and Ecosia at the same time!

Follow in the footsteps of Thomas and do as follows.

  • Visit the Presearch website, sign up, and install their browser add-ons.
  • Once you have installed the add-on, click the settings button beneath the different search engine icons.
How to use Ecosia with Presearch
Click the settings symbol.
  • Select Providers from the new windows.
Select providers to search with Ecosia in Presearch
Click providers on the next screen showing up.
  • Search for Ecosia in the list of providers.
Click the Ecosia icon and it will be added to your search engine menu.
Click the Ecosia icon and it will be added to your search engine menu.
  • The Ecosia icon will be added to the right of your selected search engines. It is now worth clicking it with your mouse and drag it to the very left of the menu, which will make it your default search engine as you use Presearch.
I am dragging the Ecosia icon to the left which will make it the default search solution in Presearch.
I am dragging the Ecosia icon to the left which will make it the default search solution in Presearch.
  • Now Thomas is ready to earn money with Presearch while planting trees with Ecosia.

In other words, there is no need to go for either Presearch or Ecosia, you can use both together. If you need any help, write your question down and Thomas will do his best to help you out. If these instructions have helped you, please write a comment as well… Thomas is always happy to hear that his instructions have given guidance and help to others.

Thomas wants to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup on the Internet. How can it be done?

Thomas isn’t much of a sports guy, but he likes cricket no matter what. So, what can he do? He just discovered that the Cricket World Cup will start in London on June 30th (that is in one week from now), and he is looking for a way to stream the event online. What can be done? Help!

Thomas is suffering from the fact that Europeans don’t really care about cricket. They will run crazy if Lionel Messi or Ronaldo walks down their street or if they see one of them at the airport. But, if they would walk the streets of Rome and meet up with Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, Pat Cummins and James Anderson, they would just keep walking and have no clue who they just ran into. How come? Cricket has no big status in the central parts of Europe, and thus, nobody really cares about the sport, and as a result, no broadcasting companies is paying for the rights to broadcast the cricket world cup in the larger parts of Europe.

But, what will Thomas do about this? He isn’t known to be a guy giving up, and that is why he has searched up and down using Presearch and Ecosia, and luckily, he found some instructions that proved to be very useful on the topic.

This is how Thomas will watch the Cricket World Cup

Thomas is sad that he cannot watch it on his normal TV, but at least he can watch the cricket world cup on his tablet and at his computer. He found the solution to be Hotstar in Canada, and even though Thomas is in Europe, he has found a way to bypass regulations and to stream Hotstar Canada in Europe. The video gave him all the help he needed, and the general idea was given as he read an article in the IP Address Guide on how to watch the cricket world cup online.

One thing is sure – Thomas is rather paying some dollars to watch the matches on real TV channels, instead of hoping to find a live stream somewhere online, only to be attacked by spam, pop-ups, and later discover that spyware and malware have been added to his computer from those lame sites. As a result, Thomas gladly paid some money for his Hotstar Canada subscription and now he is ready to watch the Cricket World Cup online!

With less than one week left for the tournament, Thomas is now ready to stream every single match, including the opening match between England and South Africa.

Now the only thing Thomas needs is some chocolate, some chips, and someone to watch the matches together with!

Can I earn money while using Ecosia?

Thomas wants to earn money while searching the net. He has heard about the project Presearch, a cryptocurrency based search engine which gives of its profit back to the users through the PRE token. Thomas likes the idea, but he really wants to use the Ecosia search machine in order to help grow trees worldwide, and thus be of help to the society and the climate all around the world.

Because of this, Thomas has wondered whether he should use Ecosia or Presearch. The latter is cooler because it will help him earn money, while Ecosia is much nicer as it will help plant trees in Africa (and maybe on the continent of Europe and elsewhere in the future). Thomas is insecure.

Thomas finds a way to combine Presearch with Ecosia

One day, Thomas feels like he has been very lucky. He has visited the Presearch website, signed up as a user, and now he earns PRE tokens whenever he searches the net. But, what makes this so great is that he has found a way to earn money with Presearch, while searching and planting trees with Ecosia. How is that possible? How is that done?

After signing up with Presearch, he installs the browser add-on to Firefox and now he gets started. He sees the start screen of Presearch which be default use Google as the search engine. But, instead of using Google, he clicks the settings button, clicks Providers, and now he searches for Ecosia. He then moves the Ecosia icon to the left of the menu, making it the default provider. When he returns to the Presearch start page, it looks like this.

Using Presearch and Ecosia at the same time!

Now Thomas is using Ecosia as the standard search engine with Presearch, and whenever a search is done in Presearch, he earns PRE tokens, and he also helps planting trees in needed areas.

Thomas is happy, and he feels like searching for all sorts of things, simply for the purpose of earning tokens and planting trees!

Testing the Kazi WWII Lego Tank (267 pieces)

Thomas has built a lot of Chinese Lego lately, and now he has just finished the construction of a Kazi WWII Lego Tank consisting of 267 pieces. He is really satisfied, not just because of the quality, but also because of the look of the finished construction.

Thomas has tested a lot of Chinese Lego, and sometimes he is very happy about the product, and sometimes, he is not. But, this WWII Lego Tank is one of his favorites, not only because of the look, but also because it has a solid quality, and it is quite easy to construct.

The HuiQiBao Lego Tank
The Kazi Lego Tank

As you can see on the picture above, the package comes with two nice looking soldiers, and a very handsome little tank. It isn’t very big, but it is a really nice looking tank.

What about the construction process?

It is quite easy to build this, and the instructions are easy to follow. If you are seven years or older and have some experience constructing Lego, this shouldn’t cause to much trouble.

The Kazi lego Tank instructions paper…
The Kazi lego Tank instructions
The Kazi lego Tank instructions

Above you can see an example of what a page looks like in the instructions manual for this Lego Tank from Kazi.

Is this really Kazi or maybe HuiQiBao?

At first, Thomas thought this Lego tank was a HuiQiBao product as he bought it from the HuiQiBao store. But, as he received the package, he could clearly see from the instructions that this is a Kazi product, just look at the front page of the manual above. It says Kazi with big letters. Now, Kazi is one of the best Chinese Lego brands, so that should be a good sign. And yes, this Lego is 100% compatible with your current Lego pieces.

A picture of the finished Lego tank

Since it was constructed, the kids have played a lot with this tank, and they like the fact that the soldiers look so good, and the fact that the gun on the tank can be turned around, and thus it can shoot in all directions.

The price of the Lego was around 10 USD, and it is absoutely worth it. This is a unique Kazi design, and a real winner if you want to enjoy a high-quality Second World War Lego from China.

Testing the HuiQiBao Dragon Knight Lego

Thomas doesn’t like Ninjago at all, but it is a popular series among kids, and thus, he decided to order a Dragon Knight Lego from China. Yet again, there is a mixture of brand names, but it seems to originally be a HuiQiBao Lego brand, but it could also be called a Happy Monkey brand. Who knows?

A Dragon Knight should cost around 4 USD (which is a nice price for the product), and it consists of around 115 pieces. It isn’t hard to construct, meaning that people who are good with Lego from 6 years and up should be able to construct it without great trouble.

Lego Dragon Knight from HuiQiBao
Lego Dragon Knight from HuiQiBao

Is the HuiQiBao Lego compatible with normal Lego?

Yes, the bricks are 100% compatible with your normal Lego bricks.

The quality of the Dragon Knight

The quality is nice and it looks really cool. People who and especially kids who like Lego and Ninjago, will for sure be really happy about this one. Thomas had some trouble with the pieces, and for that reason, somehow the bricks for both of the legs were ruined during the construction process, or at least one of them. The second might have been ruined during the playing process. This might have been due to clumsiness (again), or it might have to deal with the fact that this sort of Lego doesn’t have the same quality as the normal Lego. But, if you take care and construct it carefully, you shouldn’t have such trouble.

And to be honest, Thomas really likes the look of it. You can bend the legs, the tails can move, the head can be moved around, and it is a really nice looking construction, available in four different colors. The Lego knight coming with the Dragon is very nice as well.

The Dragon Knight is really cool, even though it has been glued because of some accidents during the construction process.
The Dragon Knight is really cool, even though it has been glued because of some accidents during the construction process.

As a result, this is a nice treat, and Thomas likes both the price and the final look of the Ninja Dragon Knight from HuiQiBao.