Can I earn money while using Ecosia?

Thomas wants to earn money while searching the net. He has heard about the project Presearch, a cryptocurrency based search engine which gives of its profit back to the users through the PRE token. Thomas likes the idea, but he really wants to use the Ecosia search machine in order to help grow trees worldwide, and thus be of help to the society and the climate all around the world.

Because of this, Thomas has wondered whether he should use Ecosia or Presearch. The latter is cooler because it will help him earn money, while Ecosia is much nicer as it will help plant trees in Africa (and maybe on the continent of Europe and elsewhere in the future). Thomas is insecure.

Thomas finds a way to combine Presearch with Ecosia

One day, Thomas feels like he has been very lucky. He has visited the Presearch website, signed up as a user, and now he earns PRE tokens whenever he searches the net. But, what makes this so great is that he has found a way to earn money with Presearch, while searching and planting trees with Ecosia. How is that possible? How is that done?

After signing up with Presearch, he installs the browser add-on to Firefox and now he gets started. He sees the start screen of Presearch which be default use Google as the search engine. But, instead of using Google, he clicks the settings button, clicks Providers, and now he searches for Ecosia. He then moves the Ecosia icon to the left of the menu, making it the default provider. When he returns to the Presearch start page, it looks like this.

Using Presearch and Ecosia at the same time!

Now Thomas is using Ecosia as the standard search engine with Presearch, and whenever a search is done in Presearch, he earns PRE tokens, and he also helps planting trees in needed areas.

Thomas is happy, and he feels like searching for all sorts of things, simply for the purpose of earning tokens and planting trees!

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