What is the ideal thumnbail size for YouTube videos?

Thomas has uploaded quite a lot of videos to YouTube, but he hasn’t thought much about the look of the thumbnails. But, after thinking about it, the look of the thumbnail is actually very important.

If the thumbnail looks bad, nobody will actually watch the video. But, if it looks good and inviting, people will start watching the video!

But, what is the ideal thumbnail size for a YouTube video?

ideal youtube thumbnail size

Thomas didn’t have to search a lot before finding the answer.

The ideal YouTube thumbnail size

The ideal size is 1280 x 720 pixels. It might be smaller, but the best is if it has this size!

Thomas is already producing some new thumbnails for his video, hoping that it will help his videos get more attention and more viewers on YouTube!

How to change YouTube privacy settings?

Thomas recently discovered how to make sure YouTube doesn’t tweet about it whenever he likes a movie on YouTube. But, he isn’t completely satisfied. He wants to make sure all his information about subscriptions, liked videos, and playlists are kept private on YouTube. How can it be done?

It is okay not to tweet about it whenever he likes a video, but in fact, Thomas doesn’t want anyone to know about it when he clicks the like button on YouTube. What can he do to keep all his activity, all his subscriptions, and all his playlists private? It is quite easy, and this is what Thomas does.

Thomas changes his YouTube privacy settings

Luckily, it is very easy to change the YouTube privacy settings, so Thomas finds out how it is done at once.

  1. He has to enter Settings on YouTube (with his account).
  2. Then he selects History and Privacy from the menu on the left side.
  3. He can now see a menu in which he can set his privacy settings, deciding whether he wants his subscriptions, his liked videos, and his playlists to be public or private.
Change privacy settings on YouTube
Change privacy settings on YouTube

This is everything that needs to be done in order for your YouTube activities to be kept secret (or public). It wasn’t hard at all, and it took Thomas less than 30 seconds to fix it.

Thomas can now sit back and relax, and he doesn’t have to worry about his activities on YouTube, because it is all private anyway. Would you like to see a YouTube video showing these steps on how to modify your privacy settings on YouTube? Click the link and see how Thomas does it!

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Stop YouTube from tweeting about liked videos!

Thomas likes to encourage people, and on YouTube, he likes to press the “thumbs up” or like button whenever he sees something he likes.

But, recently he discovered that Youtube automatically tweets with his Twitter account whenever he likes a video on Youtube. It doesn’t really matter, but he doesn’t want to spam his Twitter followers and his own Twitter feed with a new tweet whenever he likes a video. That would be simply too much.

So, what can Thomas do to make YouTube stop tweeting whenever he likes a video on Youtube?

Stopping Youtube from tweeting about video likes

As Thomas looks on his Twitter feed, he can see a post like this.

YouTube has automatically tweeted about a movie Thomas liked
YouTube has automatically tweeted about a movie Thomas liked

Thomas doesn’t want Youtube to tweet about movies he likes anymore, and to fix it, this is what he does.

  1. He goes to the YouTube Settings.
  2. He selects Connected Apps.
  3. Under “Share your public activity on Twitter” he controls what content he wants to share to Youtube.
Thomas selects connected apps on YouTube settings
Thomas selects connected apps on YouTube settings
Thomas selects when he wants Youtube to post a tweet to his Twitter account
Thomas selects when he wants Youtube to post a tweet to his Twitter account

That was it. Thomas has fixed the problem, and from now (based on the settings on the image above), YouTube will only post to his Twitter account whenever Thomas uploads a new video.

Also, Thomas spends a few minutes to delete older tweets about movies he has liked. He doesn’t want them in his Twitter feed at all!


How to delete a video from YouTube?

Thomas wants to get the best YouTube channel on the Internet. He uploads new videos frequently, and always enjoys watching his own productions.

He uses a cool application to create his videos, and he can upload the videos directly from the application to his YouTube channel. He normally looks through his videos several times before uploading, but sometimes errors get in any way. And that is just what has happened to Thomas.

He looked through his most recent YouTube video and suddenly discovered several typos and a few other things he didn’t like. The problem now is that he cannot edit the video itself on YouTube, and even worse, he doesn’t find a way to delete the video. He tries to find a way to edit the video and delete it but doesn’t succeed (at once).

How to delete a video from my YouTube channel?

Thomas keeps looking around, and finally, he managed to find a method that will let him delete any video from his YouTube channel. This is what he needs to do!

  1. Thomas visits the Creator Studio inside his YouTube channel!

    Thomas visits the Creator Studio on YouTube
    Thomas visits the Creator Studio on YouTube
  2. Thomas selects “Video Manager” and “Videos” in the menu.

    Thomas selects the video he wants to delete and presses Edit
    Thomas selects the video he wants to delete and presses “Edit”
  3. Thomas selects “Delete” from the drop-down menu

    Thomas deletes his YouTube video by pressing Delete.
    Thomas deletes his YouTube video by pressing Delete.
  4. The YouTube video has now been deleted.

The video has now been deleted from YouTube, and Thomas starts making the changes to the video in his video-editor, before uploading it to YouTube over again.

Hopefully, these instructions from Thomas will help you delete your YouTube video as well. Should you have more trouble, or need some help on the way, please write a comment, and Thomas will do his uttermost to help you out!

Windows turned black and white? How to get the colors back?

Thomas was writing an article when an incredible thing happened. He was just about to copy and paste a text when Windows suddenly went into a black and white mode. Thomas has no clue how it happened, and he has no clue how to fix the problem either.

windows went into black and white mode
Windows suddenly turned black and white. What can Thomas do to make the colors return?

Thomas had to look around the Internet to find a solution, and luckily he didn’t have to search for a very long time in order to find a solution to his problem. There is something about black and white pictures that make them look nice. But, Thomas was very annoyed when Windows went black and white, so he wanted to fix the problem at once.

The solution to his problem was a very easy one. You can take a look at the short YouTube video beneath to see the solution, or just keep reading the article beneath the video.

How Thomas got the Windows colors back?

To get the colors back to Windows, Thomas had to do a very simple thing. You probably know that the copy shortcut in Windows is Control-C. And, if you want to switch back and forth between color-mode and black/white-mode in Windows, you need to press Control-WindowsButton-C. So, they are very close to one another, but they have a very different function.

Get Windows colors back = Control+WindowsButton+C

Are you happy? Thomas is really happy the colors have returned, and he can gladly keep up writing his planned article.

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