How to change YouTube privacy settings?

Thomas recently discovered how to make sure YouTube doesn’t tweet about it whenever he likes a movie on YouTube. But, he isn’t completely satisfied. He wants to make sure all his information about subscriptions, liked videos, and playlists are kept private on YouTube. How can it be done?

It is okay not to tweet about it whenever he likes a video, but in fact, Thomas doesn’t want anyone to know about it when he clicks the like button on YouTube. What can he do to keep all his activity, all his subscriptions, and all his playlists private? It is quite easy, and this is what Thomas does.

Thomas changes his YouTube privacy settings

Luckily, it is very easy to change the YouTube privacy settings, so Thomas finds out how it is done at once.

  1. He has to enter Settings on YouTube (with his account).
  2. Then he selects History and Privacy from the menu on the left side.
  3. He can now see a menu in which he can set his privacy settings, deciding whether he wants his subscriptions, his liked videos, and his playlists to be public or private.
Change privacy settings on YouTube
Change privacy settings on YouTube

This is everything that needs to be done in order for your YouTube activities to be kept secret (or public). It wasn’t hard at all, and it took Thomas less than 30 seconds to fix it.

Thomas can now sit back and relax, and he doesn’t have to worry about his activities on YouTube, because it is all private anyway. Would you like to see a YouTube video showing these steps on how to modify your privacy settings on YouTube? Click the link and see how Thomas does it!

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