How to import a Drupal blog to WordPress?

Thomas is a gigantic WordPress fan. He would never use any other CMS-system, and he hasn’t even tried (and almost not even heard of) Drupal. But, one day he is offered a challenge. 

A friend of Thomas has been running a Drupal website for more than 10 years. The website consists of more than 1500 posts and articles, and now he wants to import all the content to his brand new WordPress site. Is that even possible? The thought of copying all those articles manually makes Thomas feel sick and depressed. There has got to be a way to do this job automatically, or maybe not?

Understanding Drupal is hard for Thomas

The first thing Thomas understands is that Drupal is quite different from WordPress when it comes to the structure of blog posts and content. He bumps into the word “nodes” lots of times, and he is quite confused. What can he do?

drupal to wordpress

Thomas finds a WordPress plugin

Thomas has been looking for a solution, and he has found a WordPress plugin named FG Drupal to WordPress. It looks very promising, and he quickly gives it a try. To make it word, he has to add the information about the SQL database of the Drupal website, and of course, the login credentials and name of the database. After that the job is easy, and the content is imported.

There are some options that needs to be set when it comes to importing media, featured images and so on, but Thomas tries a couple of times to make sure everything is imported the way he wants to.

Thomas isn’t completely satisfied

There is, however, a few problems. The free version of FG Drupal to WordPress doesn’t import categories, nor taxonomies (that is, tags). This is problematic, because those are a crucial part of the structure of the website. For that reason, Thomas decides to purchase the Premium version. He feels sorry about paying 50 Euro for a plugin that he will only use once, but it is worth it (after all, his friend is paying), and because it has to be there fore the website to work like it should.

After importing, Thomas has to install some extra plugins in order to see the imported Drupal content correctly. This is because of the strange structure of the Drupal databse and website, but after some hours, the job is done, and he is 99% satisfied with the job he has done.

Are you ready to import your Drupal website to WordPress?

Hopefully, the instructions and this tutorial from Thomas will help you migrate your Drupal website to WordPress. if you have any comments or maybe a question, use the comment field!

How to change battery of Xiaomi Mi4C? Guide with pictures and video!

Thomas doesn’t own a Xiaomi Mi4C himself, but he knows someone who has a Xiaomi Mi4C. And, guess what, that person wants to change the battery of the phone, and now he has asked Thomas for help. How can it be done?

Thomas isn’t a 100% tech freak, but he enjoys solving problems himself. And it truly annoys him to pay other people a lot for something he could easily do himself. So, when his friend comes over and asks him for help to change the battery of his Xiaomi Mi4C phone, Thomas is quick and ready to help.

This is what he does to change the battery of the Mi4C.

Change the battery of Xiaomi Mi4c

Change battery in Xiaomi Mi4c
First, remove the sim card holder, then remove the cover!

First, you will have to remove the sim card holder. This can be done using the tool that comes with your cell phone, or you can use some other object to get the job done.

Next, you will have to remove the cover. This is stuck quite hard, so you need to find something that will help you tear it loose from the phone. You can use a letter opener, but some plastic knife or a similar object is better.

Third, it is time to loosen some screws. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws from the top cover inside the phone. Make sure to remove the screw hidden beneath the sticker in the upper left corner as well.

Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.
Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.

Once you have removed all the screws, you can simply remove this cover. If it seems stuck somewhere, you have probably forgotten to remove some screw here or there.

Thomas feels ready for removing the battery, but he has to do some more things before that can be done.

Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.
Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.

Thomas removes the cable (see the picture) from the motherboard. This is done gently, and when this is done, he is ready to remove the battery from the Xiaomi Mi4C phone.

He pulls the blue "remove battery" tag, and soon the battery is removed.
He pulls the blue “remove battery” tag, and soon the battery is removed.

Thomas now grabs the “battery remover” tag and pulls. The battery has been glued to the case (somehow), so it takes some time, but he manages to remove it after a minute.

Bring on the new Xiaomi Mi4C battery

The hard job is now done. Thomas simply has to place the new battery in the place of the old battery. He has to make sure the cable of the battery is placed correctly on the motherboard. Then he uses the screwdriver again to add the cover before he finally returns the outer cover of the Xiaomi Mi4C to the device.

Since the new battery isn’t glued to the inside anymore, it can easily fall out, so make sure to watch out for that as you return the outer cover of the phone to its place.

Thomas hands the phone back to his friend who is happy to have his good old phone back, just with a brand new battery!

Get rid of the Test Mode Windows 10 text in lower right corner of Windows 10

Just out of the blue, Thomas suddenly saw this annoying text in the lower right corner of Windows 10. It said Test Mode, Windows 10 Home, Build 17134.rs4_release.180410-1804. No matter which background he chose, the text remained there above the clock in the right corner of his Windows desktop. 

Thomas is a messy guy, and he normally leaves a great mess wherever he goes. But, his Windows desktop, that is a tidy place, and he likes it to be in order. So, when this Test Mode text appeared in the lower right corner of Windows, Thomas wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Thomas doesn't want the Windows Test mode text in the lower right corner of Windows. What can he do to get rid of it?
Thomas doesn’t want the Windows Test mode text in the lower right corner of Windows. What can he do to get rid of it?

You can see what the error message looked like at the picture above. Are you suffering from a similar Test Mode text or something similar in Windows 10?

Thomas looked for a solution here and there, and luckily, it was quite easy to get rid of the text. This is what Thomas did to fix the problem!

Thomas makes the Test Mode text disappear from Windows 10

To get rid of the text, Thomas did the following thing.

    • He enters the Command Prompt in Windows 10.
      You can find it searching for Command Prompt. Make sure to right click the icon and press “Run as administrator” for this to work.

      He has to enter Command mode as an Administrator.
      He has to enter Command mode as an Administrator.
    • Thomas copies the following lines and runs them in the Command Prompt.
      First: bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
      Second: bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF
    • He closes the command prompt and restarts his computer.

Thomas’ is quite curious to see whether this will get the task done or not. As Windows successfully restarts, he is happy to see that the Test Mode text has been removed from Windows 10, and it is now a beautiful and empty spot (like you can see on the picture beneath).

The test mode has disappeared in Windows 10. Thomas is very happy!
The test mode has disappeared in Windows 10. Thomas is very happy!

Thomas can now keep on working with peace at heart, knowing that he managed to get rid of the Test Mode Windows 10 error message.

There are quite a lot of other Test Mode build versions, so even if you have another build number, you can still follow these instructions to remove the watermark from Windows 10.

Did you manage to get rid of the Test Mode watermark in Windows 10 after reading this tutorial? Please write a comment and let Thomas know the outcome of his little guide!