Thomast wants to chop garlic and onion with the electric garlic chopper from TEMU… how does he feel after trying it a couple of times?

chopper from temu

Thomas likes to work in the kitchen. He likes the smell of pizza and pasta, a delicious and tasty stew, and the smell of fresh bread. As he visited the TEMU website, an electric garlic and onion chopper showed up costing about €4, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to buy the tool. After a few weeks, the product arrived and Thomas was looking very much forward to trying it. A few days later, the product is no longer in the kitchen, but in the garbage can.

Thomas decided to do something else with the electric cutter from TEMU. It is easy to cut garlic and onions, so he decided to try to cut some salad first. To his big surprise, the salad leaves didn’t fit into the chopper, because they were too big. He then cut them into smaller pieces and only added a tiny portion to the cutter.

Electric chopers from TEMU...
Electric chopers from TEMU…

He placed the cup on the table, added the salad, but then he realized that it is impossible to add the cutting blades to the cup with the salad inside. So, he then removed the salad and added the cutting blades. But, then it became even harder to add the salad to the electric cutter, so he removed even more of the salad and added it to the machine. Well, somehow it wasn’t able to normally cut the lettuce so Thomas gave up.

It was time to try with some cucumbers instead. He sliced it into small pieces and threw it into the cup (with the cutting blades inside). Unfortunately, the cutting blades aren’t very stable, so it fell out of its place a couple of times before it was a success.

In the end, the cucumber turned into some messy cucumber stew which might be ideal for a few things, but not for a salad or something that is supposed to look nice.

Thomas… you are stupid! This is a garlic and onion chopper!

You are right about that, and Thomas is kind of stupid. Because, if you add a small portion of garlic to this machine, it will actually get the job done. But, then you need to clean it up and fix the blades and so on afterward. It takes way more time than using other garlic choppers Thomas already has at home (or that he can buy from TEMU). So, if this product only works with garlic or extremely tiny amount of paprica, cucumber, or similar stuff, Thomas isn’t really interested.

Once again, if you only want to chop very little garlic or onion, the 250ml product is enough. But, if the amount exceeds 1 large onion, then it will be too little, and it will take much time and energy and make your blood pressure go high before you are finished.

Thomas decided that this tool only takes up space in his kitchen so he actually threw it away. He feels sorry that he spent money on the product and that he polluted the earth by ordering plastic from China that was transported by plane to Europe (polluting even more), only for the product to end up in the garbage.

Thomas tests the “Console Back Buttons for PS4 controllers” from TEMU.

back button controller ps4 temu

Thomas is a gamer. He loves to play. In fact, he can get quite addicted and forget about all the other necessary and important tasks he needs to get done as he sits down in front of his computer or with his Playstation. He loves playing strategy games, but he is also a big fan of games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant, and many others.

Thomas had a dream of buying an expensive SCUF controller, but since he couldn’t really afford one, he decided to buy a cheap addition from TEMU instead… so-called “back buttons for PS4 controllers.” What’s the thing with those? You don’t need to buy a brand new controller costing more than €150, but instead, you can use your existing controller and spend €10 to buy some additional back buttons.

back buttons for ps4 controller

Thomas placed his order and waited for the package to be sent. Earlier, it had often taken months for packages to arrive after he ordered them from China, but TEMU promised that it should arrive much faster. Thomas had a hard time believing it, but in approximately 2 weeks the order arrived and Thomas was ready to give it a try.

back buttons instructions

It was extremely easy to attach the back buttons to the controller and everything worked perfectly from the first second. Thomas launched Fornite and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, he had to update the game, so it took him more than an hour to get ready, but once the game started, he configured the back buttons and gave it a try. It took a while for him to find the best possible combinations in which he could take advantage of the additional buttons, but after some hours of testing, he had already gotten used to the new buttons.

Now Thomas has forgotten about the expensive SCUF controller (luckily), and he is more than happy with the €10 back buttons he ordered from TEMU.

Thomas has noticed that there are lots of poor products on TEMU, but this isn’t one of them. He is very satisfied, and this is a product he can easily recommend to others as well!