Testing the Kazi WWII Lego Tank (267 pieces)

Thomas has built a lot of Chinese Lego lately, and now he has just finished the construction of a Kazi WWII Lego Tank consisting of 267 pieces. He is really satisfied, not just because of the quality, but also because of the look of the finished construction.

Thomas has tested a lot of Chinese Lego, and sometimes he is very happy about the product, and sometimes, he is not. But, this WWII Lego Tank is one of his favorites, not only because of the look, but also because it has a solid quality, and it is quite easy to construct.

The HuiQiBao Lego Tank
The Kazi Lego Tank

As you can see on the picture above, the package comes with two nice looking soldiers, and a very handsome little tank. It isn’t very big, but it is a really nice looking tank.

What about the construction process?

It is quite easy to build this, and the instructions are easy to follow. If you are seven years or older and have some experience constructing Lego, this shouldn’t cause to much trouble.

The Kazi lego Tank instructions paper…
The Kazi lego Tank instructions
The Kazi lego Tank instructions

Above you can see an example of what a page looks like in the instructions manual for this Lego Tank from Kazi.

Is this really Kazi or maybe HuiQiBao?

At first, Thomas thought this Lego tank was a HuiQiBao product as he bought it from the HuiQiBao store. But, as he received the package, he could clearly see from the instructions that this is a Kazi product, just look at the front page of the manual above. It says Kazi with big letters. Now, Kazi is one of the best Chinese Lego brands, so that should be a good sign. And yes, this Lego is 100% compatible with your current Lego pieces.

A picture of the finished Lego tank

Since it was constructed, the kids have played a lot with this tank, and they like the fact that the soldiers look so good, and the fact that the gun on the tank can be turned around, and thus it can shoot in all directions.

The price of the Lego was around 10 USD, and it is absoutely worth it. This is a unique Kazi design, and a real winner if you want to enjoy a high-quality Second World War Lego from China.

Testing the HuiQiBao Dragon Knight Lego

Thomas doesn’t like Ninjago at all, but it is a popular series among kids, and thus, he decided to order a Dragon Knight Lego from China. Yet again, there is a mixture of brand names, but it seems to originally be a HuiQiBao Lego brand, but it could also be called a Happy Monkey brand. Who knows?

A Dragon Knight should cost around 4 USD (which is a nice price for the product), and it consists of around 115 pieces. It isn’t hard to construct, meaning that people who are good with Lego from 6 years and up should be able to construct it without great trouble.

Lego Dragon Knight from HuiQiBao
Lego Dragon Knight from HuiQiBao

Is the HuiQiBao Lego compatible with normal Lego?

Yes, the bricks are 100% compatible with your normal Lego bricks.

The quality of the Dragon Knight

The quality is nice and it looks really cool. People who and especially kids who like Lego and Ninjago, will for sure be really happy about this one. Thomas had some trouble with the pieces, and for that reason, somehow the bricks for both of the legs were ruined during the construction process, or at least one of them. The second might have been ruined during the playing process. This might have been due to clumsiness (again), or it might have to deal with the fact that this sort of Lego doesn’t have the same quality as the normal Lego. But, if you take care and construct it carefully, you shouldn’t have such trouble.

And to be honest, Thomas really likes the look of it. You can bend the legs, the tails can move, the head can be moved around, and it is a really nice looking construction, available in four different colors. The Lego knight coming with the Dragon is very nice as well.

The Dragon Knight is really cool, even though it has been glued because of some accidents during the construction process.
The Dragon Knight is really cool, even though it has been glued because of some accidents during the construction process.

As a result, this is a nice treat, and Thomas likes both the price and the final look of the Ninja Dragon Knight from HuiQiBao.