How to install an application on an Android device without Google Play Store?

Thomas wants to install an application on his Android device, but he cannot find it in the Google Play Store. However, he knows that the application exists, and thus, he wants to find a way to install the program without having to find it in the Google Play Store. How can it be done?

Certain programs cannot be found in the Google Play Store. Other programs are licensed and allowed to be in the Google Play Store, but they cannot be downloaded from everywhere. For example, lots of TV networks have their applications hidden in other countries as a part of their geo-block. This is true about the ITV Hub application (used to watch ITV in the UK), it is true about the 9Now application in Australia and lots of other similar application.

Thomas is quite angry with this, and he wonders what he can do to fix the problem. How can he download and install a program he cannot even find in the Google Play Store?

Download Android apps without Google Play Store
How to install an Android program that cannot be found in Google Play Store?

Thomas discovers a way to download and install Android applications without using Google Play Store

Before you continue, Thomas wants to warn you. Downloading applications from so-called unknown sources can be dangerous, so make sure to download applications you know from sites you trust. Anything else can risk your Android device and your safety and privacy.

Thomas has found a site he likes a lot. It is called and here he can download so-called .APK files. APK is an abbreviation for Android Package, and here you can find packages/programs for Android. There are lots of similar APK sites out there, but this seems to be the one with the least pop-ups and the easiest process of downloading content.

There he searches for the applications he wants to download, and he can easily download them by a few clicks at his screen.

Do you trust this source?

After Thomas had downloaded the first application, he gets a bit scared. The telephone asks him if he wants to install this program? It comes from an unknown source and it can be dangerous. In fact, he has to change some settings on his phone (in the developer settings) for it to work. Luckily, he trusts the site, so he changes the settings and installs the program.

But, where did the program go? After installing it, he cannot see an icon for the new program on his desktop. What happened? Well, when you install programs like this, they normally end up at the list of applications, but it isn’t automatically added to the desktop of the device. To find the app easier later, Thomas quickly drags it to his desktop as well.

Now he can run the application, and he has found a method he will use many times in the future as well to install Android programs on his device without using Google Play Store.

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How to change battery of Xiaomi Mi4C? Guide with pictures and video!

Thomas doesn’t own a Xiaomi Mi4C himself, but he knows someone who has a Xiaomi Mi4C. And, guess what, that person wants to change the battery of the phone, and now he has asked Thomas for help. How can it be done?

Thomas isn’t a 100% tech freak, but he enjoys solving problems himself. And it truly annoys him to pay other people a lot for something he could easily do himself. So, when his friend comes over and asks him for help to change the battery of his Xiaomi Mi4C phone, Thomas is quick and ready to help.

This is what he does to change the battery of the Mi4C.

Change the battery of Xiaomi Mi4c

Change battery in Xiaomi Mi4c
First, remove the sim card holder, then remove the cover!

First, you will have to remove the sim card holder. This can be done using the tool that comes with your cell phone, or you can use some other object to get the job done.

Next, you will have to remove the cover. This is stuck quite hard, so you need to find something that will help you tear it loose from the phone. You can use a letter opener, but some plastic knife or a similar object is better.

Third, it is time to loosen some screws. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws from the top cover inside the phone. Make sure to remove the screw hidden beneath the sticker in the upper left corner as well.

Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.
Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.

Once you have removed all the screws, you can simply remove this cover. If it seems stuck somewhere, you have probably forgotten to remove some screw here or there.

Thomas feels ready for removing the battery, but he has to do some more things before that can be done.

Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.
Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.

Thomas removes the cable (see the picture) from the motherboard. This is done gently, and when this is done, he is ready to remove the battery from the Xiaomi Mi4C phone.

He pulls the blue "remove battery" tag, and soon the battery is removed.
He pulls the blue “remove battery” tag, and soon the battery is removed.

Thomas now grabs the “battery remover” tag and pulls. The battery has been glued to the case (somehow), so it takes some time, but he manages to remove it after a minute.

Bring on the new Xiaomi Mi4C battery

The hard job is now done. Thomas simply has to place the new battery in the place of the old battery. He has to make sure the cable of the battery is placed correctly on the motherboard. Then he uses the screwdriver again to add the cover before he finally returns the outer cover of the Xiaomi Mi4C to the device.

Since the new battery isn’t glued to the inside anymore, it can easily fall out, so make sure to watch out for that as you return the outer cover of the phone to its place.

Thomas hands the phone back to his friend who is happy to have his good old phone back, just with a brand new battery!

How to get rid of Telegram notifications on Android?

Thomas is using Telegram frequently to follow different chats about cryptocurrencies. He doesn’t like Telegram, and he would prefer Discord to Telegram, but since some groups only exist on Telegram, he is still forced to use it.

For a long time Thomas lived in peace with the Telegram application on his Android device, but then something happened. Suddenly Telegram started bombing his device with notifications about all sorts of activities happening in the different Telegram groups. This was way too much for him, so he opened the Telegram application, entered settings, and tried to turn off all sorts of notifications available. It helped here and there, but he still didn’t manage to get rid of all notifications.

Disable Telegram notifications on Android
Turn of annoying Telegram notifications on your mobile – Source: Pixabay

How did Thomas get rid of Telegram notifications on his Android device?

In the end, Thomas had to take a final step and it was not to uninstall the Telegram application (even though he would very much like to do so). He had to enter the “Settings” on his Android device. There he looked for “Installed apps,” and he found Telegram on the list. He then had to look for something that dealt with notifications. He selected this option and turned off all notifications (meaning that Telegram has no permission to give notifications at all).

telegram notifications on android

Since Thomas disabled all Telegram notifications he is finally at peace. He is no longer disturbed by annoying Telegram LED notifications, short beeps, or similar stuff. Whenever he is interested in reading conversations in a certain chat or group, he opens the Telegram app. He then checks out whatever he is interested in, but except for that, he stays far away from Telegram.

Thomas is very happy about the fact that he has turned off the Telegram notifications. He also hopes that these instructions will help you out. If they have, please give him a thumbs up, share the article, or follow his blog for further updates in the future!