How to find out if Google has indexed your website?

Thomas has created an article and would like to know if Google has indexed it already, or if he needs to manually submit it for indexing. Is there an easy way to discover if Google has indexed your website or not?

One of the most annoying things on earth is to have a fantastic product, but nobody knows about it, and thus the success keeps its distance. And, Thomas is afraid that all his brilliant articles will fail to succeed, at least if people cannot find them in Google. But, how can Thomas find out if Google has actually indexed his articles or not? Is there an easy way to find out?

Has Google indexed my website?

It is very easy to find out if Google has indexed your website or your articles? Here are two methods you can use easily.

Ask Google

This is probably the easiest and quickest version. All you need to do is to visit and to search for the address/article/website you are curious about.

search google
Enter the exact address in Google and press search.

If your site has been indexed, you will find it in the search results. If you cannot find any content, then it hasn’t been indexed yet.

Visit Google Search Console and do an URL inspection

Make sure to register your website in the Google Search Console. Once it is registered, use the URL inspection tool and search for the address you would like to know more about.

URL inspection
Type the exact address of the article you are interested in…

If the article has been indexed, you will see something like this.

The URL is on Google and has been indexed
The URL is on Google and has been indexed

If the article hasn’t been indexed, the Search Console will tell you so, and it will also offer to index it so that it can be found in the search results.

Thomas now knows that Google has indexed his article

Thomas has discovered that Google has in fact indexed all his articles, and he is happy to see that Google is quick to index his new content.

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How to change YouTube privacy settings?

Thomas recently discovered how to make sure YouTube doesn’t tweet about it whenever he likes a movie on YouTube. But, he isn’t completely satisfied. He wants to make sure all his information about subscriptions, liked videos, and playlists are kept private on YouTube. How can it be done?

It is okay not to tweet about it whenever he likes a video, but in fact, Thomas doesn’t want anyone to know about it when he clicks the like button on YouTube. What can he do to keep all his activity, all his subscriptions, and all his playlists private? It is quite easy, and this is what Thomas does.

Thomas changes his YouTube privacy settings

Luckily, it is very easy to change the YouTube privacy settings, so Thomas finds out how it is done at once.

  1. He has to enter Settings on YouTube (with his account).
  2. Then he selects History and Privacy from the menu on the left side.
  3. He can now see a menu in which he can set his privacy settings, deciding whether he wants his subscriptions, his liked videos, and his playlists to be public or private.
Change privacy settings on YouTube
Change privacy settings on YouTube

This is everything that needs to be done in order for your YouTube activities to be kept secret (or public). It wasn’t hard at all, and it took Thomas less than 30 seconds to fix it.

Thomas can now sit back and relax, and he doesn’t have to worry about his activities on YouTube, because it is all private anyway. Would you like to see a YouTube video showing these steps on how to modify your privacy settings on YouTube? Click the link and see how Thomas does it!

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Stop YouTube from tweeting about liked videos!

Thomas likes to encourage people, and on YouTube, he likes to press the “thumbs up” or like button whenever he sees something he likes.

But, recently he discovered that Youtube automatically tweets with his Twitter account whenever he likes a video on Youtube. It doesn’t really matter, but he doesn’t want to spam his Twitter followers and his own Twitter feed with a new tweet whenever he likes a video. That would be simply too much.

So, what can Thomas do to make YouTube stop tweeting whenever he likes a video on Youtube?

Stopping Youtube from tweeting about video likes

As Thomas looks on his Twitter feed, he can see a post like this.

YouTube has automatically tweeted about a movie Thomas liked
YouTube has automatically tweeted about a movie Thomas liked

Thomas doesn’t want Youtube to tweet about movies he likes anymore, and to fix it, this is what he does.

  1. He goes to the YouTube Settings.
  2. He selects Connected Apps.
  3. Under “Share your public activity on Twitter” he controls what content he wants to share to Youtube.
Thomas selects connected apps on YouTube settings
Thomas selects connected apps on YouTube settings
Thomas selects when he wants Youtube to post a tweet to his Twitter account
Thomas selects when he wants Youtube to post a tweet to his Twitter account

That was it. Thomas has fixed the problem, and from now (based on the settings on the image above), YouTube will only post to his Twitter account whenever Thomas uploads a new video.

Also, Thomas spends a few minutes to delete older tweets about movies he has liked. He doesn’t want them in his Twitter feed at all!


How to smile on a sad day?

Thomas woke up and immediately felt something. This wasn’t his day. He couldn’t explain exactly why, but this was a grey day, even if the sun was shining. 

He felt frustrated, he felt annoyed, and he didn’t have his typical good mood and uplifted spirit. Now, this might be okay if you live alone in the forest, but Thomas doesn’t live alone. He meets people all the day, and he is frequently having family around him. What should he do? Is there a method Thomas can use to get in a better mood on one of those bad-hair-days?

Fighting bad mood
Thomas has a bad mood – Source: Pixabay

Thomas wants to get in a better mood

As Thomas wants to get in a better mood, he has to think of what normally makes him happy. He gets a lot of ideas, and maybe some of them will inspire you as well.

Five methods that might cheer Thomas up on a bad day

  1. Thomas finds a chocolate and something good to drink
    This is a method that might work, sometimes. But, it might have exactly the opposite effect, all depending on his mood. Eating chocolate might make him happy, but it might also pull him down, making him feel crappier than ever. On this specific day, Thomas starts it all with some diet-Coke and a Daim chocolate. It feels good, but Thomas can’t stop there.
  2. Hey-hey-hey – Biiiiiitcooooooonnnneeeecccccttttt
    There are some legendary movies on YouTube, and Thomas has some special clips that he loves to watch. One example is the Carlos Matos video, a guy totally crazy about BitConnect, one of the biggest scams in the cryptocurrency history. It is a sad story, but Thomas cannot watch this video without smiling and laughing. So, time to watch some Carlos Matos!
  3. What, chlamydia in Norway?
    Thomas has one stand-up comedian that he likes a lot, and that is John Oliver. He has spoken about lots of topics, like cryptocurrencies, religion, politics, and all there is. It is enough to watch John Oliver to watch Thomas smile, but since he loves the nature of the country of Norway, he has a special favorite (at the moment), and that is the story of Norwegian Chlamydia ads. It is impossible to watch this without laughing (hard).
  4. Time to move the body a bit
    There are several ways to interpret what it means to move the body. Thomas can think of several ways to move his body. He can, for example, turn on music and start dancing around in the room. Why is that so fun? Thomas cannot dance. He was born without any talent when it comes to moving his body to music, so anyone who would watch Thomas dance would think he belongs in some sort of house for insane people.
    Instead of dancing, Thomas could go out in the garden to do some work there, or go for a run. Moving the body often gives you a better mood and attitude, simply because you know that you do something useful. This has a great effect on your body, and that is often reflected by a better mood as well!
  5. Thomas finds the source of his bad mood
    Throughout the years, Thomas has discovered that bad mood often originates from some sort of inner trouble. Maybe he is worried about something, or maybe something is irritating him. Sometimes he feels bad if he knows there is work to be done, but instead of doing it, he just forgets about it. Maybe there are problems in the family, or financial trouble… and solving these might solve his bad-mood problem.

These are some of the methods Thomas use to cheer himself up on a bad day. The methods don’t work all the time, but often he will find himself cheered up by one or more of these methods.

Did you wake up with bad mood today? How do you get rid of that bad mood? Have you got some method, strategy, or a good idea that Thomas can use the next time he wakes up feeling like crap?

How to import a Drupal blog to WordPress?

Thomas is a gigantic WordPress fan. He would never use any other CMS-system, and he hasn’t even tried (and almost not even heard of) Drupal. But, one day he is offered a challenge. 

A friend of Thomas has been running a Drupal website for more than 10 years. The website consists of more than 1500 posts and articles, and now he wants to import all the content to his brand new WordPress site. Is that even possible? The thought of copying all those articles manually makes Thomas feel sick and depressed. There has got to be a way to do this job automatically, or maybe not?

Understanding Drupal is hard for Thomas

The first thing Thomas understands is that Drupal is quite different from WordPress when it comes to the structure of blog posts and content. He bumps into the word “nodes” lots of times, and he is quite confused. What can he do?

drupal to wordpress

Thomas finds a WordPress plugin

Thomas has been looking for a solution, and he has found a WordPress plugin named FG Drupal to WordPress. It looks very promising, and he quickly gives it a try. To make it word, he has to add the information about the SQL database of the Drupal website, and of course, the login credentials and name of the database. After that the job is easy, and the content is imported.

There are some options that needs to be set when it comes to importing media, featured images and so on, but Thomas tries a couple of times to make sure everything is imported the way he wants to.

Thomas isn’t completely satisfied

There is, however, a few problems. The free version of FG Drupal to WordPress doesn’t import categories, nor taxonomies (that is, tags). This is problematic, because those are a crucial part of the structure of the website. For that reason, Thomas decides to purchase the Premium version. He feels sorry about paying 50 Euro for a plugin that he will only use once, but it is worth it (after all, his friend is paying), and because it has to be there fore the website to work like it should.

After importing, Thomas has to install some extra plugins in order to see the imported Drupal content correctly. This is because of the strange structure of the Drupal databse and website, but after some hours, the job is done, and he is 99% satisfied with the job he has done.

Are you ready to import your Drupal website to WordPress?

Hopefully, the instructions and this tutorial from Thomas will help you migrate your Drupal website to WordPress. if you have any comments or maybe a question, use the comment field!

How to change battery of Xiaomi Mi4C? Guide with pictures and video!

Thomas doesn’t own a Xiaomi Mi4C himself, but he knows someone who has a Xiaomi Mi4C. And, guess what, that person wants to change the battery of the phone, and now he has asked Thomas for help. How can it be done?

Thomas isn’t a 100% tech freak, but he enjoys solving problems himself. And it truly annoys him to pay other people a lot for something he could easily do himself. So, when his friend comes over and asks him for help to change the battery of his Xiaomi Mi4C phone, Thomas is quick and ready to help.

This is what he does to change the battery of the Mi4C.

Change the battery of Xiaomi Mi4c

Change battery in Xiaomi Mi4c
First, remove the sim card holder, then remove the cover!

First, you will have to remove the sim card holder. This can be done using the tool that comes with your cell phone, or you can use some other object to get the job done.

Next, you will have to remove the cover. This is stuck quite hard, so you need to find something that will help you tear it loose from the phone. You can use a letter opener, but some plastic knife or a similar object is better.

Third, it is time to loosen some screws. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws from the top cover inside the phone. Make sure to remove the screw hidden beneath the sticker in the upper left corner as well.

Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.
Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.

Once you have removed all the screws, you can simply remove this cover. If it seems stuck somewhere, you have probably forgotten to remove some screw here or there.

Thomas feels ready for removing the battery, but he has to do some more things before that can be done.

Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.
Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.

Thomas removes the cable (see the picture) from the motherboard. This is done gently, and when this is done, he is ready to remove the battery from the Xiaomi Mi4C phone.

He pulls the blue "remove battery" tag, and soon the battery is removed.
He pulls the blue “remove battery” tag, and soon the battery is removed.

Thomas now grabs the “battery remover” tag and pulls. The battery has been glued to the case (somehow), so it takes some time, but he manages to remove it after a minute.

Bring on the new Xiaomi Mi4C battery

The hard job is now done. Thomas simply has to place the new battery in the place of the old battery. He has to make sure the cable of the battery is placed correctly on the motherboard. Then he uses the screwdriver again to add the cover before he finally returns the outer cover of the Xiaomi Mi4C to the device.

Since the new battery isn’t glued to the inside anymore, it can easily fall out, so make sure to watch out for that as you return the outer cover of the phone to its place.

Thomas hands the phone back to his friend who is happy to have his good old phone back, just with a brand new battery!

Get rid of the Test Mode Windows 10 text in lower right corner of Windows 10

Just out of the blue, Thomas suddenly saw this annoying text in the lower right corner of Windows 10. It said Test Mode, Windows 10 Home, Build 17134.rs4_release.180410-1804. No matter which background he chose, the text remained there above the clock in the right corner of his Windows desktop. 

Thomas is a messy guy, and he normally leaves a great mess wherever he goes. But, his Windows desktop, that is a tidy place, and he likes it to be in order. So, when this Test Mode text appeared in the lower right corner of Windows, Thomas wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Thomas doesn't want the Windows Test mode text in the lower right corner of Windows. What can he do to get rid of it?
Thomas doesn’t want the Windows Test mode text in the lower right corner of Windows. What can he do to get rid of it?

You can see what the error message looked like at the picture above. Are you suffering from a similar Test Mode text or something similar in Windows 10?

Thomas looked for a solution here and there, and luckily, it was quite easy to get rid of the text. This is what Thomas did to fix the problem!

Thomas makes the Test Mode text disappear from Windows 10

To get rid of the text, Thomas did the following thing.

    • He enters the Command Prompt in Windows 10.
      You can find it searching for Command Prompt. Make sure to right click the icon and press “Run as administrator” for this to work.

      He has to enter Command mode as an Administrator.
      He has to enter Command mode as an Administrator.
    • Thomas copies the following lines and runs them in the Command Prompt.
      First: bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
      Second: bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF
    • He closes the command prompt and restarts his computer.

Thomas’ is quite curious to see whether this will get the task done or not. As Windows successfully restarts, he is happy to see that the Test Mode text has been removed from Windows 10, and it is now a beautiful and empty spot (like you can see on the picture beneath).

The test mode has disappeared in Windows 10. Thomas is very happy!
The test mode has disappeared in Windows 10. Thomas is very happy!

Thomas can now keep on working with peace at heart, knowing that he managed to get rid of the Test Mode Windows 10 error message.

There are quite a lot of other Test Mode build versions, so even if you have another build number, you can still follow these instructions to remove the watermark from Windows 10.

Did you manage to get rid of the Test Mode watermark in Windows 10 after reading this tutorial? Please write a comment and let Thomas know the outcome of his little guide!

How to mine LOKI? A guide for beginners!

Thomas has been mining all sorts of coins for the last year. He has mined Ethereum, Zencash, Ethereum Classic, and Monero. Now he wants to mine LOKI. But, how can he mine LOKI? 

Thomas has great faith in the future of cryptocurrencies, even though he believes most of them will turn useless, and only a few of them will survive. But, if he has some of those lasting cryptocurrencies in his crypto wallet, he might become a rich man sometime. He also likes supporting the technology with his mining-rig, and now he wants to use it to mine LOKI-coin, a coin very similar to Monero.

If you want to watch his explainer video about how to mine LOKI, check the video beneath.

Thomas wants to mine LOKI!

First of all, Thomas has to download an actual miner to his computer. For the purpose of mining LOKI, Thomas downloads the XMR-STAK miner (he used this earlier as he mined Monero as well). Once the download is complete, he unpacks the download file unto a folder on his computer.

Secondly, Thomas has to generate a LOKI wallet. He visits the LOKI Wallet Generator, and generates a brand new wallet. He carefully copies/saves/writes down the private key of the wallet, his public address, and the other data. He will need the wallet address as he sets up the miner later.

Third, Thomas has to find a good mining-pool he can join. He doesn’t look around for a long time before he discovers the Cryptoknight mining pool. They have a nice website with good statistics, so he goes with this.

Thomas is ready to set up the LOKI Windows miner

Now it is time to set up the miner. He goes to the folder in which the XMR-STAK miner can be found. He clicks the XMR-STAK.exe file and the setup process starts.

Firs the sets the port to 7731
Firs the sets the port to 7731

At first, he is asked if he wants to use the HTTP interface. He doesn’t care about this, but instead, he adds the port number that the miner should listen on, which is 7731.

After this, he has to give the name of the currency he wants to mine. This confuses Thomas because he cannot find LOKI anywhere on the list. The right answer to this question is, however, cryptonight_heavy

Mine LOKI in Windows
Mine LOKI in Windows – select cryptonight_heavy as coin

Now there will come several other questions after one another, and the first is about the pool address. Since he chose the cryptoknight pool, he adds the following address:

Following this, he needs to add his LOKI wallet address. Thomas adds the wallet address that he got from the wallet generator.

Options as you set up the LOKI mining rig with XMR STAK in Windows
Options as you set up the LOKI mining rig with XMR STAK in Windows

There is no password to set up, so he only types an X to the next question. After this, he is asked for a name for his rig. This isn’t needed, but Thomas decides to call it thomasstories.

There are three more questions fired at Thomas, but he answers n (NO) to all of those. The questions asked were:

  • Does this pool support TLS/SSL?
  • Do you want to use nicehash on this pool?
  • Do you want to use multiple pools?

Once Thomas has answered with an N to these questions the miner starts, and he is soon starting to see reports of his activity.

Thomas is mining LOKI coin
Thomas is mining LOKI coin

This is what it looks like as Thomas is mining LOKI on his mining-rig. He is happy about succeeding. By entering his wallet address to the website of the pool he can follow his earning minute by minute and also see reports about payouts.

Have you gotten your LOKI mining-rig started? Thomas wishes you all the best and hopes these instructions will help you out!

How to delete a video from YouTube?

Thomas wants to get the best YouTube channel on the Internet. He uploads new videos frequently, and always enjoys watching his own productions.

He uses a cool application to create his videos, and he can upload the videos directly from the application to his YouTube channel. He normally looks through his videos several times before uploading, but sometimes errors get in any way. And that is just what has happened to Thomas.

He looked through his most recent YouTube video and suddenly discovered several typos and a few other things he didn’t like. The problem now is that he cannot edit the video itself on YouTube, and even worse, he doesn’t find a way to delete the video. He tries to find a way to edit the video and delete it but doesn’t succeed (at once).

How to delete a video from my YouTube channel?

Thomas keeps looking around, and finally, he managed to find a method that will let him delete any video from his YouTube channel. This is what he needs to do!

  1. Thomas visits the Creator Studio inside his YouTube channel!

    Thomas visits the Creator Studio on YouTube
    Thomas visits the Creator Studio on YouTube
  2. Thomas selects “Video Manager” and “Videos” in the menu.

    Thomas selects the video he wants to delete and presses Edit
    Thomas selects the video he wants to delete and presses “Edit”
  3. Thomas selects “Delete” from the drop-down menu

    Thomas deletes his YouTube video by pressing Delete.
    Thomas deletes his YouTube video by pressing Delete.
  4. The YouTube video has now been deleted.

The video has now been deleted from YouTube, and Thomas starts making the changes to the video in his video-editor, before uploading it to YouTube over again.

Hopefully, these instructions from Thomas will help you delete your YouTube video as well. Should you have more trouble, or need some help on the way, please write a comment, and Thomas will do his uttermost to help you out!

Thomas wants to stream 9Now abroad!

Thomas wants to stream the latest episode of Doctor Doctor on 9Now while in Austria. But, he gets an error message? What can Thomas do to watch 9Now from abroad?

Thomas likes sitting with his laptop on his lap (isn’t that why they call it a laptop?) to watch TV series and live streams of all his favorite sports. One of his favorite shows is Doctor Doctor, and he normally streams this show on the 9Now website. The only problem is that he can only stream it when in Australia, as whenever he tries to stream 9Now outside Australia, he gets the following error message.

Sorry, 9Now is only available in Australia
Sorry, 9Now is only available in Australia

This frustrates him, and he wants to find a way in which he can stream 9Now, also when outside Australia. So, what can he do? There are lots of other 9Now shows he might be interested in streaming as well, but neither of them can be streamed as long as he doesn’t find a solution.

Thomas looks for a way to stream 9Now abroad

Thomas has been reading articles here and there, and the most common solution described is using a so-called VPN service. Thomas has a VPN subscription to the VPN provider HideMyAss, so he gives it a try, but it doesn’t work. Even though he gets an actual Australia IP address by connecting to a server in Australia, he still sees the same error message.

But, he has read on another site that this is quite common and that most VPN providers are blocked by 9Now. There is, however, an exception, and that is the VPN provider ExpressVPN.

He is a bit anxious about spending money on yet another VPN subscription, but since they have a 30-day full refund policy, he decides to give it a try anyway.

Thomas tries another VPN service.

Thomas visits the ExpressVPN website, signs up for their services, and downloads their VPN application to his computer.

Thomas uses a VPN to watch 9Now outside Australia
Thomas uses the VPN services of ExpressVPN to watch 9Now from abroad
Thomas signs up for 12 months as it gives the best value for his money (and he can still cancel within 30-days and get all his money back).
Thomas signs up for 12 months as it gives the best value for his money (and he can still cancel within 30-days and get all his money back).

He signs up for the 12-month package (and he gets 3 more months as a bonus for free). This is a great deal, and if it actually works, he will be happy he signed up for this package. If it doesn’t work, he will simply ask for a full refund.

He opens the ExpressVPN application and decides to connect to a server in Syndey, Australia.

Thomas connects to a server in Australia
Thomas connects to a server in Australia

Once the connection has been made, he restarts his browser, and he visits the 9Now website again. He is a bit nervous, hoping that it will actually work, but at the same time fearing that it won’t.

He visits the 9Now website, selects the most recent episode of Doctor Doctor and clicks his mouse. He waits for a few seconds, and suddenly a commercial shows up, and a few seconds later, the show starts. It worked! Thomas is happy, and he runs to grab some popcorn before continuing to stream his favorite 9Now show abroad.

Thomas is watching Doctor Doctor on 9Now outside Australia
Thomas is watching Doctor Doctor on 9Now outside Australia

Can you imagine how happy Thomas is that this worked? Due to his enthusiasm, Thomas also installed the ExpressVPN application on his Android phone to see if it worked there as well. And yes, it did! He had to download the 9Now application (.apk-file) manually, but once that was done, it all worked smoothly.

To make it even better, Thomas tried to watch Tenplay (another Australian channel with great TV shows online) using the same connection, and he couldn’t hold back his smile as this worked as well.

Hopefully, the example of Thomas will help you stream 9Now outside Australia as well. Should you have comments or questions, write them down and Thomas will do his best to help!