How to turn off CPU-mining with XMR-Stak?

Thomas has been mining some Monero and Loki coins using the mining software XMR-Stak. He likes using this, and he likes having a mining machine in his room heating it up throughout the winter.

But, he also uses the mining computer for other purposes, for example as a server for the rest of his house. It has some big hard-drives on it, and these are running all day and night.

Yesterday, as Thomas checked up on the mining activity, he noticed that XMR-Stak is actually using CPU power as well do mine even more efficiently. That is nice, but Thomas doesn’t want XMR-Stak to mine using his CPU, as he wants all CPU power to be used for the server job and other things that might happen.

This is how to turn off CPU-mining with XMR-Stak in Windows

To turn off CPU mining in Windows with XMR-Stak, Thomas first opens the directory in which the miner is located. He then right-clicks the XMR-Stak.exe file and clicks “Create Shortcut.”

Right click the XMR-Stak file and click Create Shortcut
Right-click the XMR-Stak file and click Create Shortcut

When this is done, a new window is opened in which Thomas can create a shortcut. He then goes to the “Target” and adds the following text to the end: –noCPU

Thomas has to modify the target to turn off CPU mining with XMR-Stak in Windows
Thomas has to modify the target to turn off CPU mining with XMR-Stak in Windows

That is what the target line looks like for Thomas after modifying it and telling it not to mine using the CPU in Windows.

He then clicks the OK button, and next time he wants to start the miner, he simply clicks the shortcut file. XMR-Stak will then start mining, without using the CPU miner.

Thomas is really happy about this. The only thing he wants now is for the prices of Loki and Monero to moon, and he will be a rich guy!

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