Testing Kazi 84031, a 16 in 1 Lego Super Tank

Thomas has gotten seriously into testing Chinese Lego, and recently he constructed the 16 in 1 Lego Super Tank from Kazi. This is know to be one of the better Chinese Lego brands, but is it really that good?

The Kazi 84031 16 in 1 Lego Super Tank comes in lots of small packages, 16 in total. In every single package you will find instructions on how to build 2 different small pieces, meaning that you can actually build 32 different small constructions with this package (but only 16 at the same time).

How to build a small military car with Kazi 84031

The instructions are easy to follow, and Thomas had a great time constructing it with kids at the age of 5 and 7 years old (who mostly could construct all the small Lego toys without any help).

Some of the small toys coming in Kazi 84031 Lego - 16 in 1 tank
Some of the small toys coming in Kazi 84031 Lego – 16 in 1 tank

When you are finished playing around with the small figures, you will need to take them apart in order to construct the big tank.

The total package comes with around 550 bricks, and the price when Thomas bought it was around 20 USD (but, sometimes it is more expensive than that). The bricks are 100% compatible with normal Lego bricks, making it easy to use these bricks for other Lego constructions, or using normal Lego bricks to make these constructions even cooler.

Thomas constructs the large Kazi 84031 Tank

Thomas was curious to see the big tank and what it would be like. But, to be honest, Thomas didn’t construct it himself, but the seven year old boy constructed the tank all by himself and without help. Here you can see a little animation of the construction process.

It took a little while, but it wasn’t a very hard thing to build! The bricks always fitted smoothly, and there was no trouble at all. There are no figures coming with this package, so don’t expect there to be soldiers around as you open the different packages.

If you want to see even more of the tank and what it looks like in real life, check the following YouTube video.

Kazi 84031 Lego Tank conclusion

Thomas is very satisfied with the package. It isn’t the biggest tank in size, but it is still nice and cool. But, it might be that kids will actually have more fun with the 16 small toys than the one big toy. Anyway, this is good and can warmly be recommended for fans of World War II Lego pieces from China. The quality is good, so there is nothing to complain about when it comes to that!

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Thomas tests the Gudi Lego Bumblebee Transformers Robot from China

Thomas is a big fan of LEGO, but he doesn’t have much experience with the Chinese Lego brands yet. His first order ever was a Lego Bumblebee Transformers Robot from China (produced by Gudi). How did he like it?

At first, Thomas didn’t plan to make an article about it, so as he constructed the robot first, he didn’t make any photos, nor video. But, he was very satisfied with the robot, and it wasn’t even that hard to create. In other words, Thomas believes that people with some building skills from the age of 8 and up will manage to construct the robot quite easily.

The price of the product as Thomas bought it was 8 USD.

Gudi Transformers Bumblebee from China
Gudi Transformers Bumblebee from China

The instructions manual looks very similar to the one from Lego, but you should expect the steps to be harder to follow. Thomas felt this as they often include several steps and bricks in the same instruction, and sometimes these depend on one another, which can make it feel complicated. They will also instruct you on how to build both legs at the same time and both sides of the car, meaning that you will have to calculate a bit in the head as you construct (with real Lego they show you both sides step by step).

Bumblebee Lego from Gudi
The Bumblebee car from Gudi is finished and it looks really cool!

Thomas builds the Gudi Bumblee car

The car was a bit harder to construct than the robot, but still not very hard! The finished product looks really cool until you start playing a lot with it. Unfortunately, both the door and the window are really easy to tear off, meaning that a kid who wants to open and close the door, will be sure to make it fall of every single time he makes a move. The same is quite true if you try to make the window go up or down. Take a look at the video to see how easy it is.

Is Thomas happy about the Bumblebee Lego from Gudi?

What is the destiny of most Lego? You construct it, play with it for 5 minutes, and then you throw it away somewhere and the next time you want to play with it, some parts are missing. In other words, the process of constructing it is actually 85% of the actual fun. If that is true, then this was a great robot! The stability of the car in use wasn’t the best, but since Thomas isn’t going to spend much time actually playing with it, he doesn’t car. It was a great value for the 8 USD he spent on it, and soon he will get some more Chinese Lego he is going to test and write about!

Thomas almost forgot to mention it, but this is very important. The Gudi bricks are 100% compatible with your existing original Lego bricks.

If you have any comments or questions about this Gudi Bumblebee robot in the so-called Transform series, write a comment!