Windows is upside-down – What can Thomas do?

Thomas was working with a little explainer video when Windows suddenly turned into something that he calls “upside-down” mode. Everything went upside down, and the menu bar suddenly was on the top of the screen.

Thomas has been through a lot, but this was incredibly annoying. Not long ago Thomas had to fix it when Windows turn black and white, and now this… Maybe he should starting using a Mac instead, or Ubuntu? No, that cannot happen, as Thomas is too much of a Windows guy. But, this was really annoying, and Thomas had to fix the upside-down mode quickly because he was unable to do anything at the moment.

How to fix Windows turning upside-down?
How to fix Windows turning upside-down?

Take a look at the screenshot above. Thomas was sitting there and working on a video explainer, and suddenly his screen moved everything and he had to keep his head in 90 degrees to the right to read anything. Later he discovered that it could just as well have moved in the other direction, or totally upside down, but he didn’t care, all Thomas needed was to find a solution.

How did Thomas make the upside-down mode in Windows disappear?

It wasn’t much that needed to be done to fix the problem. In fact, all he needed to do was to press three buttons at the same time, and the problem was fixed. So, what did Thomas press?

The solution to the problem was to press the following buttons on the keyboard:

Control (CTRL) + ALT + UP (arrow key)

As Thomas pressed these three buttons at the same time, Windows at once jumped back to normal mode, and he could keep on working. For fun, Thomas tried clicking the same combination with the different arrow directions afterward and doing so, Thomas was able to make Windows turn right, turn left, and of course, upside down. But, he quickly returned to the normal Windows mode afterward!

Did the solution Thomas found help you as well? He certainly hopes so!

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