Thomas visits Champagne in France – What to do?

Thomas had always been intrigued by the region of Champagne in France. He had heard of the famous Champagne houses, the stunning vineyards, and the rich history of the area. So, when he found himself with a week to spare before starting his new job, he decided to pack his bags and head to Champagne.

As he arrived in the region, Thomas was excited but a little overwhelmed. He didn’t know where to start or what to see first. He had done some research online, but there were so many options that he didn’t know how to narrow it down.

Undeterred, Thomas decided to explore the region by car. He rented a small vehicle and set off into the countryside, hoping to stumble upon some hidden gems along the way.

As he drove, Thomas marveled at the stunning scenery. The rolling hills and endless fields of vines created a picturesque backdrop that took his breath away. He knew that he was in a special place, and he was determined to make the most of his time there.

thomas in rheims

His first stop was the town of Reims, home to many famous Champagne houses such as Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot. He visited the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims, a stunning Gothic masterpiece that had been the site of the coronation of many French kings.

Afterwards, he visited the Veuve Clicquot Champagne house and took a tour of the cellars. He learned about the history of Champagne and the meticulous process that goes into making it. He even got to taste some of the Champagne and was impressed by its complex flavors and aromas.

The next day, Thomas headed to the town of Epernay, another Champagne capital. He visited the Avenue de Champagne, a street lined with grand Champagne houses such as Moët & Chandon and Perrier-Jouët. He also visited the Mercier Champagne house and took a tour of their impressive cellars, which included a train ride through the underground tunnels.

As the days went by, Thomas continued to explore the region. He visited small, family-run Champagne houses and tasted their unique and flavorful Champagnes. He hiked through the vineyards, taking in the beauty of the landscape and the hard work that goes into growing the grapes. He even visited a local market and tried some of the regional delicacies, such as escargot and cheese.

By the end of the week, Thomas had seen and experienced so much. He had learned about the history of Champagne, the process of making it, and the people who dedicated their lives to producing it. He had tasted some of the finest Champagnes in the world and had explored the stunning countryside.

As he packed his bags to head back home, Thomas realized that he had fallen in love with Champagne. He knew that he would never forget his time there and that he would always cherish the memories he had made. He promised himself that he would one day return to this special place and experience even more of its beauty and wonder.