How to delete wallets inside Ethos Universal Wallet?

Thomas has been using Ethos Universal Wallet for a while. He enjoys the application, and now he has received his first cryptocurrencies as a part of the airdrop for those pre-registered for the wallet.

But, Thomas has a little problem. After installing Ethos Universal Wallet, he created lots of WatchFolio’s for fun, just to check it out. Now he is a little bit annoyed by all those WatchFolio’s existing inside his Universal Wallet with no purpose and all, and he really wants to get rid of them. The only problem is that he doesn’t find any way to do it.

Thomas wants to delete unnecessary wallets in the application, to easier see the things he are really interested in!
Thomas wants to delete unnecessary wallets in the application (Ethos Universal Wallet), to easier see the things he is really interested in!

The application seems to be a bit slow, especially upon loading it for the first time, but that is probably because the application loads information about the value of all the different cryptocurrencies as you load the application. He can understand that, and after some seconds, things start running smoother. But, why create an extra heavy load on the application by having unnecessary wallets created?

Thomas is about to open Google to ask the question: “How can I remove wallets from Ethos Universal Wallet?” Before he takes the step, he tries one last thing, which in fact is the solution to his problem.

This is how Thomas removed unnecessary wallets from Ethos Universal Wallet

To remove those unnecessary wallets inside the Ethos Universal Wallet, Thomas clicks the “Settings” option inside the application on his Android device.

There he selects “My Wallets“, and he sees an overview of all the different wallets he has created. Now he can simply click the name of the wallets he wants to delete and choose to remove/delete it.

Now Thomas has removed those unnecessary wallets, and it is much easier to keep an eye on the things and wallets that actually interest him. And with all those airdrops coming in daily to Ethos Universal Wallet holders, he is frequently visiting the wallet to see what’s flying in!