How to get more disk space on my PS4?

Thomas has a PlayStation 4 with a 500GB hard drive. Recently, he installed Call of Duty: WWII and Gran Turismo, but he then got the error message that the hard-drive was full. To actually install the game, he had to uninstall FIFA 2018, Doom, and quite a lot of other games.

After this, Thomas decided that he wanted to get more disk-space on his PS4. Is there a way to fix this? Yes, there are in fact two ways. One option is to change the hard-drive inside the PS4, but Thomas didn’t want to do that. This would require him to buy a larger hard drive with the same size as the current one, and then replace it. Later he would have to install the PS4 operating system on the drive, and then it would work like normal afterward.

But, Thomas wanted to go for an easier solution…

How to add an extra hard-drive to PS4?
How to add an extra hard-drive to PS4?

The easy way to get more disk space on PS4

The easy solution to the problem is to buy an external hard-drive with USB 3 included. It is enough with 5400 RPM, but if you buy one with 7200 RPM, it is faster and better. After buying it, Thomas simply connected the external hard-drive to one of the USB plugs on the front of the PS4. The PlayStation immediately recognized the hard-drive, and he could start installing games to this disk-space. Easy and quick!

Now Thomas can install Doom, FIFA 2018, and the other games he uninstalled last week and easily play all the games!

He is happy, but he doesn’t have time to write more articles right now… he wants to play PS4!

How to smile on a sad day?

Thomas woke up and immediately felt something. This wasn’t his day. He couldn’t explain exactly why, but this was a grey day, even if the sun was shining.¬†

He felt frustrated, he felt annoyed, and he didn’t have his typical good mood and uplifted spirit. Now, this might be okay if you live alone in the forest, but Thomas doesn’t live alone. He meets people all the day, and he is frequently having family around him. What should he do? Is there a method Thomas can use to get in a better mood on one of those bad-hair-days?

Fighting bad mood
Thomas has a bad mood – Source: Pixabay

Thomas wants to get in a better mood

As Thomas wants to get in a better mood, he has to think of what normally makes him happy. He gets a lot of ideas, and maybe some of them will inspire you as well.

Five methods that might cheer Thomas up on a bad day

  1. Thomas finds a chocolate and something good to drink
    This is a method that might work, sometimes. But, it might have exactly the opposite effect, all depending on his mood. Eating chocolate might make him happy, but it might also pull him down, making him feel crappier than ever. On this specific day, Thomas starts it all with some diet-Coke and a Daim chocolate. It feels good, but Thomas can’t stop there.
  2. Hey-hey-hey – Biiiiiitcooooooonnnneeeecccccttttt
    There are some legendary movies on YouTube, and Thomas has some special clips that he loves to watch. One example is the Carlos Matos video, a guy totally crazy about BitConnect, one of the biggest scams in the cryptocurrency history. It is a sad story, but Thomas cannot watch this video without smiling and laughing. So, time to watch some Carlos Matos!
  3. What, chlamydia in Norway?
    Thomas has one stand-up comedian that he likes a lot, and that is John Oliver. He has spoken about lots of topics, like cryptocurrencies, religion, politics, and all there is. It is enough to watch John Oliver to watch Thomas smile, but since he loves the nature of the country of Norway, he has a special favorite (at the moment), and that is the story of Norwegian Chlamydia ads. It is impossible to watch this without laughing (hard).
  4. Time to move the body a bit
    There are several ways to interpret what it means to move the body. Thomas can think of several ways to move his body. He can, for example, turn on music and start dancing around in the room. Why is that so fun? Thomas cannot dance. He was born without any talent when it comes to moving his body to music, so anyone who would watch Thomas dance would think he belongs in some sort of house for insane people.
    Instead of dancing, Thomas could go out in the garden to do some work there, or go for a run. Moving the body often gives you a better mood and attitude, simply because you know that you do something useful. This has a great effect on your body, and that is often reflected by a better mood as well!
  5. Thomas finds the source of his bad mood
    Throughout the years, Thomas has discovered that bad mood often originates from some sort of inner trouble. Maybe he is worried about something, or maybe something is irritating him. Sometimes he feels bad if he knows there is work to be done, but instead of doing it, he just forgets about it. Maybe there are problems in the family, or financial trouble… and solving these might solve his bad-mood problem.

These are some of the methods Thomas use to cheer himself up on a bad day. The methods don’t work all the time, but often he will find himself cheered up by one or more of these methods.

Did you wake up with bad mood today? How do you get rid of that bad mood? Have you got some method, strategy, or a good idea that Thomas can use the next time he wakes up feeling like crap?

How to change battery of Xiaomi Mi4C? Guide with pictures and video!

Thomas doesn’t own a Xiaomi Mi4C himself, but he knows someone who has a Xiaomi Mi4C. And, guess what, that person wants to change the battery of the phone, and now he has asked Thomas for help. How can it be done?

Thomas isn’t a 100% tech freak, but he enjoys solving problems himself. And it truly annoys him to pay other people a lot for something he could easily do himself. So, when his friend comes over and asks him for help to change the battery of his Xiaomi Mi4C phone, Thomas is quick and ready to help.

This is what he does to change the battery of the Mi4C.

Change the battery of Xiaomi Mi4c

Change battery in Xiaomi Mi4c
First, remove the sim card holder, then remove the cover!

First, you will have to remove the sim card holder. This can be done using the tool that comes with your cell phone, or you can use some other object to get the job done.

Next, you will have to remove the cover. This is stuck quite hard, so you need to find something that will help you tear it loose from the phone. You can use a letter opener, but some plastic knife or a similar object is better.

Third, it is time to loosen some screws. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws from the top cover inside the phone. Make sure to remove the screw hidden beneath the sticker in the upper left corner as well.

Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.
Loosen all the screws from the top cover with a screwdriver.

Once you have removed all the screws, you can simply remove this cover. If it seems stuck somewhere, you have probably forgotten to remove some screw here or there.

Thomas feels ready for removing the battery, but he has to do some more things before that can be done.

Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.
Remove the cable from the motherboard that is next to the battery.

Thomas removes the cable (see the picture) from the motherboard. This is done gently, and when this is done, he is ready to remove the battery from the Xiaomi Mi4C phone.

He pulls the blue "remove battery" tag, and soon the battery is removed.
He pulls the blue “remove battery” tag, and soon the battery is removed.

Thomas now grabs the “battery remover” tag and pulls. The battery has been glued to the case (somehow), so it takes some time, but he manages to remove it after a minute.

Bring on the new Xiaomi Mi4C battery

The hard job is now done. Thomas simply has to place the new battery in the place of the old battery. He has to make sure the cable of the battery is placed correctly on the motherboard. Then he uses the screwdriver again to add the cover before he finally returns the outer cover of the Xiaomi Mi4C to the device.

Since the new battery isn’t glued to the inside anymore, it can easily fall out, so make sure to watch out for that as you return the outer cover of the phone to its place.

Thomas hands the phone back to his friend who is happy to have his good old phone back, just with a brand new battery!