Thomas wants to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup on the Internet. How can it be done?

Thomas isn’t much of a sports guy, but he likes cricket no matter what. So, what can he do? He just discovered that the Cricket World Cup will start in London on June 30th (that is in one week from now), and he is looking for a way to stream the event online. What can be done? Help!

Thomas is suffering from the fact that Europeans don’t really care about cricket. They will run crazy if Lionel Messi or Ronaldo walks down their street or if they see one of them at the airport. But, if they would walk the streets of Rome and meet up with Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, Pat Cummins and James Anderson, they would just keep walking and have no clue who they just ran into. How come? Cricket has no big status in the central parts of Europe, and thus, nobody really cares about the sport, and as a result, no broadcasting companies is paying for the rights to broadcast the cricket world cup in the larger parts of Europe.

But, what will Thomas do about this? He isn’t known to be a guy giving up, and that is why he has searched up and down using Presearch and Ecosia, and luckily, he found some instructions that proved to be very useful on the topic.

This is how Thomas will watch the Cricket World Cup

Thomas is sad that he cannot watch it on his normal TV, but at least he can watch the cricket world cup on his tablet and at his computer. He found the solution to be Hotstar in Canada, and even though Thomas is in Europe, he has found a way to bypass regulations and to stream Hotstar Canada in Europe. The video gave him all the help he needed, and the general idea was given as he read an article in the IP Address Guide on how to watch the cricket world cup online.

One thing is sure – Thomas is rather paying some dollars to watch the matches on real TV channels, instead of hoping to find a live stream somewhere online, only to be attacked by spam, pop-ups, and later discover that spyware and malware have been added to his computer from those lame sites. As a result, Thomas gladly paid some money for his Hotstar Canada subscription and now he is ready to watch the Cricket World Cup online!

With less than one week left for the tournament, Thomas is now ready to stream every single match, including the opening match between England and South Africa.

Now the only thing Thomas needs is some chocolate, some chips, and someone to watch the matches together with!

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